Aching Feet– Its Not Me, Its Choo

Aching FeetI found the secret of happy feet over fifty.  For the past decade  shopping for a new pair of shoes had become worse than shopping for a new bathing suit. Just about  every shape and style of shoes hurt my feet.  From those that hurt when I walked to those that hurt  just putting them on, shoe stores  just seemed to be filled with  pain.

I tried  geting  a larger size, which left me clomping around the store like a little girl in her mom’s  clothing.   ( cute as  age  six, not so much at sixty).  I tried stretching the shoes,  adding pads to big shoes and even priced out custom  shoes. When I tried out orthopedic shoes that hurt I was outraged.  If a shoe is really ugly, it should at lest me comfortable.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash Book ReviewI am so excited that Bobbi of Date  Like a Grown-Up  is hosting Fashion Flash for the first time.  IMO  Date  Like a Grown-up is the best  online source of relationship advice.  She  has an incredible insight into  what is going on in a man’s  mind and a  unqiue talent to  tell you how to use this  info in  your life.  While her site is focused on dating, I  have  found her advice invaluable   for dealing  with men  in  both personal and  professional  situtions. Bobbi is a rock star and   I predict that she will become a major  voice.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Celebrate by Pippa Middleton

It seems to be some kind of universal law.  The first thing people do  when … Continue Reading…

Is Micellar Water As Good As They Say?

Micelle Question and AnswerQuestion:  What do you think of the Micellar cleansers?  I have rosacea and I am always looking for a non-irritating way of  washing my face.

Answer: I hear you.  I’ve got sensitive skin too  and I am always looking for effective cleansers that don’t trigger problems.   I am intrigued by the narrative about Micellar cleansers and your question pushed me to do  both  book and practical reseach.

Micellar Cleansers 101

Micellaire waters are clear, usually colorless and often fragrance free.  They are applied with a cotton ball, applied to the face to remove dirt and oil. Unlike other cleansers they  remain on the skin and are  not rinsed off with water.  Micellar cleansers  are very proud  of the fact that they  are soap and detergent free, but that claim is somewhat misleading.  Micellaire waters  have chemicals with … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashMy favorite make-up guru, Cindy of  Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. Its amazing to watch Cindy  work evaluating  different products and asking penetrating questions.  She comes up with the just the right  product for every need and every skin profile.  Since I became a fan of Prime Beauty, I  look  better and spend less. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her  smart, beautiful site.

Fashion FLash Book Review: Tha Extra Half InchFashion Flash Book Review:That Extra Half Ich by Victoria Beckham

I am rarely a fan of celebrity style guides but  I was  pleasantly surprised by the tone and  advice  of That Extra Half Inch.  Rather than a vain glorious  rant,  Victoria  Beckham   begins by confiding that  she  always felt very average– short with brown hair … Continue Reading…

What’s New in Acne Care?

AcneJune is  Acne Awareness Month and it seemed like the perfect time to  search  out  the best  new acne care options.  Acne is an equal opportunity pest.   It affects  men and women, young and old and every culture and country. That’s the bad news.  The good news?   I’ve got five new options for your acne fighting tool kit.

1.  Dapsone Gel for Acne

Oral Dapsone was originally used to treat leprosy, malaria, and parasites.  Anti-inflammatory  and  antimicrobial,  it is now used in gel form to manage acne.   Sold under the trade name of Aczone, it  attacks acne from different angles.  It can be used alone or in combination with other medications. It works beautifully with Retin A, clindamycin, and salicylic acid.  However it can turn the skin yellow if used with benzoyl peroxide.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashThis week  Josephine of Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.  As she  moves between  London and St Tropez,  Josephine  has a steady  stream of style  ideas that work for women over 50.  She  has an intuitive sense of  color, fabric and fit that  has been so helpful for me in choosing  clothing , especially for travel and special  occasions.  For the under 30  Fashionistas,  after  five dressing  boils down to exposing  as much skin as possible.  Josephine  shows  how to look elegant and  festive without exposing  less than perfect body  parts.  She also  has  great ideas for  hem lengths, footwear options, outerwear and  just the right accessories.  I especially value her fashion advice  in wet and or cold weather.   Subscribe to this wonderful site and you won’t  miss a single  post.

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Painless Hair Removal– Does It Really Exist?

Painless hair removalWhen I launched  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog, I started my  beauty treatments with a laser  to remove excess  facial hair.   It was almost my last beauty treatment.  It  hurt so  much  I nearly fell off the table as I squirmed around from the pain.  Even the quickly offered post treatment icebag  did little to help my red, burning chin.  I vowed that I would never, ever have laser hair removal again– even if I grew a full beard.

Well I guess I never should say  never.  When the  wizard of Park Avenue, aka  Dr Albert Lefkovits offered me a chance to try a truly pain-free  hair removal laser, I  couldn’t refuse.   Quite  simply  he is one of the finest physicians I have  met, and if he says LightSheer laser doesn’t hurt,  I was  willing to take the chance.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashJodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash this week. Her campaign to  stop fat shameing  is  much needed and  her style advice is a game changer. Whenever I read Black Cat Plus, I wish it had been available for  my favorite aunt. My aunt  Mary was a smart, beautiful, and talented violinist  who struggled to find  appropriate gowns for concerts.  She was plus size in  time  when plus size fashion did not exist.  That was then, this is now.  Plus  size fashion IS fashion and  Jodell    provides  images that  prove   that  fashion has  no size limits.  In addition to great  advice, she  is a web based boutique that offersthe best options for all occasions. Recently she featured a  kimono top  that  is the PERFECT summer top.  I loved the peacock  pattern and colors so … Continue Reading…