It’s Fashion FLash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love travel and I count on  travel sites to share the latest and greatest things to do on trips.  But as I get older I felt  that traditional sites  where not going to take me where I wanted to go.  Many profile thrill sports eg night helicopter skiing, best tequila bars  or  bike trips across  a desert.  I want a vaca that  uderstands my 50+ body and mind.  When I found Glamour Granny Travels I found  a guide to interesting travel that stimulated all my senses.  Inka explains  how to go camping in France , best paella in spain and how  Turkish silver  jewelry is made and where to find the best examples at lowest prices.  Now that’s  what … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash Today!

This  wfashion flash logoeek that fabulous redhead Allison of Never Say Die Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash. I   have to admit I am addicted to her on -point insights into all that we use  on our face, hair and body.  She covers a wide range of products and brands  and her color analysis  has saved me time and money.  Subscribe to  Never Say Die Beauty to and never  miss a single post!


Fashion Flash Valentines Day GiveawayFashion Flash Valentine’s Giveaway in February

Call me sentimental, but I am not ashamed to admit Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  In my family  it was not about romance but   showing love to … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday Giveaway!

Fashion Flash Valentines Day GiveawayThis week one of the smartest beauty bloggers I know is hosting Fashion Flash.  Marcia Friedman  of Beauty Info Zone has made a committment to explore  every type of  beauty  aid to find the best ones at the best price.  And this week she is  kicking off our month long Valentines Giveaway with  a copy of Love Your Age by our own Fashion Flash lifestyle guru, Barbara Hannah Grufferman.  It is an incredible  guide that covers  just about anything you need to know to be healthy, prertty and happy  over 40.  There are lists of tips that are so good I have copied several and pasted them in  my date book.  So now when I see where I am going  and what I am doing I am … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Today

fashion flash logoThis week  Positive Aging  advocate  Barbara Hannah Grufferman   is hosting  Fashion Flash.   She writes regularly for HuffPost and AARP and is bone health ambassador  for the National Osteoporosis Foundation. There are  so many  ways  women are standing  up and speaking out to demand the respect and opportunities that they deserve.  Nowhere is this more vital than when we are  dealing with negative images in women over 50. Not only does this  interfere with  our work and relationships, it creatives an internal  negative narrative that chips away at  our own self respect. Barbara not only provides essential lifestyle information, she is welcome cheerleader for getting better, not just older.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Love Your AgeContinue Reading…

Fashion Flash Today!

fashion flash logoThis week the always amazing Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting Fashion Flash.   Her  quest for real answers to  issues in  our daily lives  takes her  in new and important directions.  Currently she is exploring the impact of light energy and color  on health  and aging.  I have been hearing a bit about this from ther sources, but I am totally confident when I learn  about it from Society Wellness.  Subscribe now  so you won’t  miss a single post.

Fashion Flash Quick  Question

It seems to be that the internet has suddenly become the center for clean-up advice.  From  Marie Kondo folding techniques  to stores  selling a huge range of  boxes to  store your stuff,  I feel somewhat overwhelmed.  There is so  much stuff, so much advice I am not … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash Today!

fashion flash logoThis week Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting  the Dead of Winter Fashion FLash edition.  Most of the country is being hammered by  cold, wet weather.  Its  hard to look good when wearing three  layers, even harder to exercise.  I am so tired  of my black puffer coat and waterproof boots I am desperate for fashion advice.  If anyone  has ideas on ways to add style to  to winter please share them with me.  And if anyone has a hack for avoiding “hat hair” I think you could qualify for a Nobel Prize.  Stay  warm!

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the amzing Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting the first Fashion FLash of 2018.  She is  my  top go to guru in all things beauty and I am looking forward to her  view of the top beauty trends on Pinterest.   They ranged from graphic  nail to slicked back hair to sheer lip tints.  I tend to  think that most of the trends would be hard to carry off with a few grey  hairs and wrinkles.  I look forward to  2018 in in Beauty according to Prime Beauty.

Happy New Year from Fashion Flash!

fashion flash logoThis week, Sheila of Painted Ladies is hosting our New Year’s theme Fashion Flash Round-Up. IMHO Painted Ladies has  some of the best  fashion and beauty advice you can find on the web.  She is smart, with great style and judgement so her advice  is advice you advice you can trust. Make certain you  subscribe to  Pained Ladies  so that you won’t miss a single valuable post.  And be sure to watch  her site for great Fashion Flash Book and Beauty Giveaways.


Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Ladies Dress Accesories by Eleanor Johnson

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