Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashThis week, Barbara of Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is such a positive   image of  what  over 50  really  looks like– slim, active, happy   and always engaged in life.  Never didactic or preachy she offers always useful advice from the best way to “plank” to  the right way to enhance eyebrows.  And through her infectious enthusiasm  she  is the only person who  could get me to eat kale– and like it.  See her on the Today Show,   watch her AARP  Youube videos and read her articles in Huff Post.  Your body will thank you.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Paris Street StyleFashion Flash Book Review: Paris Street Style by  Isabelle Thomas

My always  chic MIL spent the last 20 years of  her … Continue Reading…

Even More Good News About Olive Oil

Olive oil for the skinQuestion:  I know that olive oil is good for my heart.   Does it have any special benefits for  my skin? Does  it offer anti-aging protection?

Answer:   I am so  happy to be the first to tell you, yes and yes.  Olive  oil has unique value  both in  your diet and on your skin.   Like all fats, olive oil  form a  film on the surface of the skin that prevents water evaporation.his definetely helps the skin hydrate, reducing flaky  dryness.  But unlike other  oils   like mineral oil or corn  oil, olive oil contains powerful compounds that  offer additional value.

The Secret Weapons in Olive Oil

This pale gold  liquid is rich in a compound called squalene which is also a component of healthy skin.   Like ceramides and hyaluronic acid, squalene levels drop as … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashThis week Pam of Over 50 Feeling 40 is hosting Fashion Flash. In a world where its  hard for  me to listen to the  news on TV ( its always  bad) ,  I click on  Over 50 Feeling 40 for a healthy  helping of positive  ideas and images.  As a fashion blogger, she has great over 40 style, but her words  go  far beyond fashion. She recharged her life and  she is dedicated  to helping others on their reinvention journey..  Subscribe to her site to keep informed about the best options  for  the second half of our lives.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  My New Roots by Sarah Britton

On paper is sounds so simple– eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for better health and  prettier skin.  But in my  kitchen  or in restaurants I find … Continue Reading…

Its Back! The POSH sale in NYC

POSH saleThis is the week  that I wait for all year– the designer sale at the Lighthouse Guild in NYC.  From Thursday  May 14 to Sunday May 17  an army  of  fashionistas  will shop  racks of   Armani, Chanel, and Missoni clothing– at up to 90% off retail price.  Some are  lightly used   while others  are brand new donated  by stores and  manufacturers.

Last year I came  home with a six  foot  beaver scarf from Prada, a flowered silk dress from Nina Ricci, a green linen shirtwaist from Loulou de la Falaise,  and a navy blue skirt from Armani.  This year I was invited to preview the POSH sale and I  am so happy to report that its even better than last year.  There  are racks of beautiful coats that fill entire  wall and an equal number of … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashThis week  MaryLou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash.  Like so  many of  us , Mary Lou and her business partner Caryl Tuhey, wondered  what they should do in the second half of their lives.  They   decided to start Second Lives Club to feature women who made  big changes in their lives with great results.   It is so encouraging  to see  women blossom at a time of life when society  would have  us slowing down. If you want continuing  wisdom and inspiration, subscribe to Second Lives Club.

Fashion Flash Introduction:  Bobbi Palmer of Date Like A Grown-Up

I am so thrilled  to introduce  our newest  site Date Like A Grown-Up.  IMO it is  simply  the best relationship  site  I have found.   Founder Bobbi Palmer has  a  unique  insight into  what is going on … Continue Reading…

Matching Your Eyebrows to Your Hair Color

eyebrowsBefore the celebrity brow expert removed most of my eyebrows, he tried to convince me to  tint them.  He explained that much of my brow was made up of thin, pale hairs and tinting them would make my brows to look fuller.  This sounded reasonable but tinting is  big step– and not something you do the first time someone works on your brows.  Given that Mr  Eyebrows left me  with a thinly rounded circa 1930 brow line, I was really glad I had stood my ground. Darker thin brows would  have been even  more obvious and  unattractive.

But the experience pushed me to get some good answers to  related brow questions.  For example  what is the best color brow  with grey hair or should  your brows match your red hair?  All good questions and  all require  full scale tinting. Until I … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is one of those rare people who seems to  have the real answers to real problems.  She  has taught me how to bake  bread, introduced me to the best cleanser that ever touched my skin and  was one of the first people to  wear Google glasses. Her site is packed  with information and insight on the ways to stay young and healthy.


Fashion FLash travel siteFashion Flash is Growing

This week a new site has joined Fashion Flash!  Glamour Granny Travel is an amazing  travel site  just for  us.  Founder Inka Piegsa  had a long  career as an international lawyer.  Several years ago she changed gears to become a full time travel writer and photographer.  She shares … Continue Reading…

Fabulous Feet Over 50

FeetWhat’s wrong with my feet?  Over the past 10 years  I have found it increasingly difficult  to find chic shoes that I can walk in without pain.  Shoe shopping used to be  fun, with almost every shoe easy to wear and  pretty to look at.  All I had to do  was choose  by price and color.  I wore heels to  work every day  even when commuting from New Haven to New York.   I collected so  many shoes my husband called  me the Jewish Imelda Marcos for my robust  shoe collection.

That was then, this is now.  My once extensive shoe collection has shrunk to a precious few that are kind to my  feet.   When I realized that  many “women of a certain age” had similar shoe issues, I  wanted to know what was happening  to feet over 50? For … Continue Reading…