Its Fashion FLash Monday!

Fashion Flash LogoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus  is hosting Fashion Flash.   She is a leading  voice against  fat shaming, an online entrepreneur , and the proud parent of a beautiful award winning show cat.  And in her “spare” time she founded Black Cat Plus,  an amazing  plus size  fashion blog and e-store.

Fashion FLash Book ReviwqFashion Flash Book Review: Thrive by Arianna Huffington

There is no shortage  of books that promise to tell you how to have a  more successful happier life, but  when  the author is Arianna Huffington,   Thrive  got my attention.  But rather  than another  “you  can do  it” booster  book, Thrive is a guide to finding the balance between  life and work.   Where Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg urges women not  to … Continue Reading…

Honey Health and Beauty Benefits

Question:  My neighbor  has diabetes and she puts honey on her foot to heal  a cut.  How crazy is that?

Answer:  Given that  sugars like honey  should not be part of a diet for diabetics, the idea  of honey  wound treatment is bizarre, but here’s the shocker– its actually a good treatment option.  Honey is  a centuries old remedy for a wide  variety of skin problems. It  contains an astonishing number of beneficial ingredients including carbohydrates, different forms of vitamin B, minerals( eg calcium, zinc, and potassium) antioxidants, lactic acid , and powerful flavinoids.  These  components  give  honey powerful  antibacterial, antitumor, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory  powers.

Some studies have shown that honey can heal burns, ulcers and wounds while other research  has indicated that it  stimulates the production of fibroblasts. These are the fibers that  go on to  become collagen and elastin. Seriously.

Not All Honey is Alike

Some honeys … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash LogoIn this beautiful  sunny week, Mary Lou of Second Lives Club  is hosting  Fashion Flash. Click on the link to learn 10 top picks from Nordstrom, 7 weird  hair trends,  5 steps for health and fitness  and 2 exciting adventures.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair by Cozy Friedman

Cozy Cuts for Kids is a New York City institution.  Little customers sit in a chair shaped like a  car, boat  or pony, watch cartoons and enjoy what is usually a stressful time for  mother and child. Now   Cozy  has written a great book on hair care for children and I am so glad  that I have granddaughters to play with. This ilustration packed book explains basics of  a child’s hair … Continue Reading…

Not All Freckles Are Equal

After a lifetime of happy, sun filled days, the skin  is dotted with freckles, dark spots  and patches.  But not all spots are equal.  There can be  little flat dark freckles, larger bumpy areas the size of a raisin  and even larger cafe au lait patches of melasma.

freckle before treatentI  have been exploring different lightening and brightening products on different dark spots on my face and limbs.  As it turned out these formulations are not effective  against  raised or very dark  areas of pigmentation.   I had tried just about everything on a tan rough spot on my arm which just kept getting bigger.  When I finally showed it to Dr Lefkovits, he diagnosed it as a seborrheic keratosis.  This is a benign growth that  comes with  both  age and sun exposure.  They have a waxy, flakey  appearance– not attractive, … Continue Reading…

Healthy and Beautiful Sandals

Flip SandalsOnce I solved the riddle of  painful shoes, I decided to drill down and  look at different types of  footwear.  Its been years since  I had  enjoyed walking in sandals, so I decided to explore  what  made sandals so uncomfortable..  According to NYC podiatrist Dr Michael Schumacher there are three key issues  in a sandal:

1. Sandal  Cushioning

The search for  a  foot- friendly sandal starts at the bottom with  padding.  You want  a nice soft layer of rubber on the  soles and a layer of foam  on the inside of the sandal.  This would start to explain  why those uber  chic leather designer sandals are  just dialing for pain

2. Sandals Need  A Little Heel

We all know that towering heels  are never  good for the feet, but what is less well known is that  totally flat … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash LogoFashion FLash host Mirabai of  Moving Free with Mirabai  not only can show you how to shape a better  figure, she is also IMO the go- to person to help with health  related exercise issues. For example when I developed  lower disk problems I was terrified  that  the wrong exercise  could make them worse  I went  straight to Mirabai  who showed me stretching and strengthening routines that  literally eliminaed pain.  Since I had genuine disk swelling, my doctors were  surprised at my recovery.  I just smiled and gave them  a link to Moving Free.   She has more than  six degrees and certifications and  I trust her with my  life. Literally.  Check out  her wonderful site and you will find an exercise program that will match your needs. Yes, she is that good.

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Aching Feet– Its Not Me, Its Choo

Aching FeetI found the secret of happy feet over fifty.  For the past decade  shopping for a new pair of shoes had become worse than shopping for a new bathing suit. Just about  every shape and style of shoes hurt my feet.  From those that hurt when I walked to those that hurt  just putting them on, shoe stores  just seemed to be filled with  pain.

I tried  geting  a larger size, which left me clomping around the store like a little girl in her mom’s  clothing.   ( cute as  age  six, not so much at sixty).  I tried stretching the shoes,  adding pads to big shoes and even priced out custom  shoes. When I tried out orthopedic shoes that hurt I was outraged.  If a shoe is really ugly, it should at lest me comfortable.

I went to three … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash Book ReviewI am so excited that Bobbi of Date  Like a Grown-Up  is hosting Fashion Flash for the first time.  IMO  Date  Like a Grown-up is the best  online source of relationship advice.  She  has an incredible insight into  what is going on in a man’s  mind and a  unqiue talent to  tell you how to use this  info in  your life.  While her site is focused on dating, I  have  found her advice invaluable   for dealing  with men  in  both personal and  professional  situtions. Bobbi is a rock star and   I predict that she will become a major  voice.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Celebrate by Pippa Middleton

It seems to be some kind of universal law.  The first thing people do  when … Continue Reading…