Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashThis week Diva Debbi is hosting Fashion Flash!  I love her Polyvore layouts  and  often check them out before going shopping.  It has saved me time and money  and  I  always feel   just right when  I wear a Diva Debbi inspired outfit. She   always helps me find new ways to wear  what   is already in my closet and  shows  what I really need to add. I’ve  made fewer mistakes  and enjoy getting dressed up  more  since I subscribed to Diva Debbi.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Brazilian SexyFashion Flash Book Review:  Brazilian Sexy by Janea Padilha

Brazilian women can be intimidatingly beautiful.  With a yard of  glossy dark hair,  lush eye brows  and smooth taut skin, they seem to  stride effortlessly thru life. How could I resist … Continue Reading…

Eyebrow Options Continue

eyebrow stencilsIts now been ten weeks since my celebrity eyebrow fiasco.  I know  that they are growing in because  I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror.  I can also see where my natural eyebrows are in good shape and where they still need help. My left eyebrow has  “lost”  its tail ( its too short) and  in the middle  there is  a bald spot.  My right eyebrow is  actually OK but could use a little help at the end.

To get a fuller, more defined shape  I decided to try out brow sencils.  There are  numerous brands and choose one of the best known, Stencils from Anastasia of Beverly Hills.  There are five  plastic brow  templates with slightly different arch positions and lengths.   Missing from the  package  are templates for the  current  oh so popular flatter  thicker brows. … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-FlashThis week Josephine of  award winning  Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is a fashion professional that shares real life  style advice.  Most fashion  layouts ignore the impact of weather on  style.  They offer chiffon skirts in winter  or a chunky   cashmere tank top in summer. And they  seem  to forget  that  suede  stilettos and rain are a terrible combo.  Not Chic  At Any  Age.  For example  this month she  did an amazing  spread on   style during a  cold windy holiday in Wales. With just a few key items including a blue wool dress, boots and  tights, she   was warm,comfortable and beautiful.  Subscribe to  her wonderful site to  get all her great advice.

Fashion Flash Fraud Alert!FRAUD ALERT!

Over the weekend, I started getting emails … Continue Reading…

What’s the Problem with Strivectin

Strivectin questionQuestion:  I recently saw on  ABC news that the FDA  has criticized Strivectin and its anti-aging claims.  What does this mean? Is it dangerous? I’ve used it three months.  Can I get my money back?

Answer: Don’t worry! The FDA  did not say Strivectin was harmful.  Their official letter to the company challenged their claims and promises made about several products:

1. “Clinically proven to change anatomy of  wrinkle”

2. “This superb age-fighting serum is super charged with potent elastin stimulating peptides

3. “Potent elastin-stimulating peptides help enhance  skin structure”

Elastin and  its big brother, collagen are the  fibers in the skin  which keep it firm and smooth.  As age and sunlight weaken these fibers, lines and wrinkles  will develop. But anything that can actually increase growth of elastin or collagen is making  significant biological changes in the skin– and … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week the amazing Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is  my favorite make-up expert, and I never buy a lipstick, blush or liner without checking our her site for recommendations.  Quite simply, this lady is never wrong!   Subscribe to  her site  to   get all her wonderful advice.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Green is the new BlackFashion Flash Book Review: Green is  The New Black by Tasmin Blanchard

April is Earth Month and Green is the New Black is the perfect book to review this week.  At this point most of us are all too aware of  environmental challenges like  air pollution from cars,  chemicals in the water supply, melting icecaps and dying bees.  All bad news and mostly not under our control. Green is … Continue Reading…

Easy Answers for Beautiful Brows

Benefit Brow BarStill focused on my brows, the minute I stepped into the girly pink Benefit Brow Bar, I felt renewed optimism.  The store was bustling with three estheticians working with customers.  They were discussing options with their clients, stopping to check the results in the mirror  to get their feedback.  It was a true collaboration rather than the blitz attack that I experienced with my celebrity brow stylist.

Trying Out Brow Options

Six weeks after my epic brow shaping I still did not have enough regrowth to reshape. brows with powder and pencil Instead I worked with a very talented make-up artist named Asia to show me what I could do with powders and pencils. Benefit has three different sets of tools and I was ready to buy them all– but Asia … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoI am so happy to be hosting Fashion Flash this  first sunny  week in spring.  Our bloggers have been  exploring new options for  their life and health and I feel sronger  just reading their tips  and  tools:

* Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of Best of Everything After 50 has a great fitness tip… just in time for your spring shape-up.

* Fashion and Beauty blogger Pamela Lutell  has entered the new world of video blogs for women 40 and beyond.  Join her and subscribe to her channel.

* Josephine of Chic at Any Age  nails  the best  looks for traveling in style

* Melanie from Society Wellness has prepared a shopping list of high energy  whole foods.  Print it and take it with you on your next grocery store tip and hop into … Continue Reading…

The Truth About Eyebrows

eyebrowsOpen almost any comprehensive  beauty book and  you will see a section on eyebrows.  They  offer different styles  and suggest which ones  are  best for different face shapes.  If  only it was that easy.  Then there is that  magic formula that recommends that the   brow start at the inner  corner of the eye, arch at the outer corner of  iris and ends at a spot that is in line with the nose.   Before I had my brows shaped   (erased?)  I diligently studied  my shape options and  which ones would be best for  my round/square  face.  But IRL  it turns  is our  natural brow length and thickness that drives  the final shape.

Brow shapes are very much like  hair styles.  If you have  curly hair, straight bangs are  just  not possible.  Similarly if you have thin fine hair,  the … Continue Reading…