The Final Four Signs of Aging

So now we are getting down to the last four signs of aging.

Aging Skin Sign #9: Wrinkles and Lines

Worry lines, laugh lines, smokers wrinkles, marioniette lines.  We’ve got them  cute names for these wrinkles, but they’re really not  that funny when you to have to look at them every morning in the mirror.  They all develop when the collagen and elastin fibers  in the skin no longer have strength and flexibility.    Sunlight is the major culprit here as UV rays fry these stretchable skin fibers.  Free radicals  from smoking, alcohol and stress are also thought to  contribute to collagen destruction.  When these fibers can  no longer adjust to movement, lines and wrinkles develop  much  the way that after  time a pair of slim jeans start to wrinkle at the knees.

There are countless products out there  which   claim to  encourage collagen  growth and  some of them actually work!

Aging Skin Sign #10: Under Eye Bags

Allergies are often the  cause of under -eye baggy skin.  When allergies strike, the area fills up with fluid, stretching out the delicate undereye tissue. Over time, the skin becomes permanently loose and stretched out.  If you get allergies every spring, its possible to develop  under-eye bags in your thirties.  As years go by,  even if  you don’t have allergies, sun damage and normal wear and tear will damage collagen fibers that result in  loose under eye skin.  Like dark circles, under-eye bags  can be challenging to fix.  If you are under 40,  controlling allergies cn make a big difference in under-eye  tissue.  If you are older, the skin has permanently distended and effective treatment  can  call for lasers or surgery.    That might sound scary, but I’m glad I have  a true perspective of the problem.

Aging Skin Sign#11:  Rough Texture

Enlarged pores and rough pebbly texture make the skin look older and  less attractive.  However its not part of natural aging, and if you protect your  skin from the sun,  rough texture should be other peoples problem.  If you do have this problem, I’m  delighted to tell you that it responds beautifully to easy treatments.  This type of  thickened skin has quite a few wrinkles, all of which can be repaired.  I have seen friends concerned about their lines, and are not really aware of the impact  their rough skin texture has on their appearance.  Its  both important to your appearance and  simple to deal with.

Aging Skin Sign# 12:  Dry Skin

Last, but not least, we end with dry skin.  This skin feels tight, itchy, chapped and often looks flaky and reddened. It looks and feels dry because the normal moisture levels are too low.  The water levels  in the skin are heavily  controlled   by  two factors– natural moisturing factors  which  apparently decline as we get older and hormonal factors which control  oil production in the skin.  The natural skin oils  on  acts like plastic wrap to  help the skin hold moisture.   As the hormonal levels decline, ( isn’t monopause  the  gift that just keeps on giving),  there is less oil to seal in  moisture.   A well-designed  daytime moisturizer should offer you both water -attracting compounds and a sunscreen  in an emolliant base.  This will help you retain a nice  healthy water balance as well as protect you from the aging rays of the sun.

Please remember that while dry skin  can make  your  skin look more lined, dry skin does NOT cause lines and wrinkles.   A good moisturizer will soothe chapped, flaky skin and make fine lines look less apparent.– much the way soaking  a raisin in hot water will plump up the surface.   But the jury is still out whether ingredients  like collagen or vitamin E can  affect skin aging.  A good moisturizer is essential for skin beauty, but it has its limitations.

It’s easy to relieve dry skin.  Modern moisturizer formulations will provide all day relief.  When a daytime moisturizer is pumped up with a 30SPF sunscreen you are actually preventing lines, wrinkles and under eye shadows.

Next time:  A close-up of my face that shows personal aging problems and a master plan  to  deal with them.

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  1. This is great. I must admit that I have personal experience with many of the 12 signs! It is really interesting to have them explained so clearly and encouraging to hear that there are relatively simple and affordable solutions. I can’t wait to see your own pictures and hear what you, yourself, have been doing. Thanks for this no nonsense approach and discussion.

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