A Date with a Laser

Most dermatologists regard Retin A  as the foundation of anti-aging skin care.  However, it can be an irritating formulation and if you want to use laser for some problem, you need to stop using Retin A for about a week.  I decided to start  my beauty plan with laser hair removal on my lip and chin before embarking on a Retin A regimen.  I was  impatient to start  with Retin A but  even the tighest and freshest complextion would be  challenged by face fuzz.  ( look at my chin in first photo). 

For the proceedure, I went to a Park Avenue dermatologist  who is also head of a department of at at New York  Medical Center.  His  approach was a series of three  treatments for $800, given about one month apart.  When he examined my face he was pleased to find  that I had very few white hair since  lasers work best on darker hair. 

As per  his instructions, when I made the appointment, I dabbed on a numbing cream one hour before  my visit and then  every 15 minutes  until he fired up the laser.  In his treatment room, he gave me a pair of red plastic goggles and went to work.  Let me completely  honest here and share with you  that the burn of the laser really hurt.  I have read that the laser feels like the snap of a rubber band.  Actually to me   it felt like someone kicked me  in the chin… many  many times.  At one point he stopped to remark that I probably did not use enough numbing cream and it should be applied heavily.  Now  he tells me.

When he finished ( it probably was just  a minute or two) my chin was a reddened and  a little sore. I left the office holding a prescription for Retin A in one hand and cradling my chin in the other.  That evening, I was delighted to see  that the facial hairs could be wiped away with a tissue.  I dotted on a bit of steroid cream to reduce irritation.  By morning my skin was smooth and comfortable.   (see photo 2).  As an added bonus, the skin looked  firmer since the laser created a bit of swelling.  Lasers also stimulate collagen production  and that extra volume of collagen that was produced would  add a bit extra tone.  Nice!

If you had similar experience with laser hair removal I would love to  hear about your experience.

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  1. yes laser make the skin smooth and beautiful but the pain is hard to bear but we are having other options too to reduce the pain as we have a numbing cream which can reduce the pain here i m shearing my view with dr. numb cream its works fabulous.

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