Date with A New Dermatologist

To move forward  with my anti-aging  make-over I need to partner with a dermatologist.  When I asked Dr Laser about different options, his answer for everything  was a TCA peel.  This is an expensive and extensive treatment that leaves you bright red and swollen for weeks.  It usually reserved for  heavily lined skin with widespread sun damage.  Since I hate pain and have just seven, count ’em seven sunspots, I felt that TCA  was overkill.

I found a great new partner in a  young dermatologist with impressive academic credentials and who is pretty enough to model.  She looks like she is in her late twenties and actually just turned age 40.  This is a dermatologist who clearly walks the walk.  My original game plan was to (1) use Retin A  to refine the surface,(2) laser my freckles and then(3)  plump up smile lines with a filler like Juvederm.  My new  doctor liked the  steps but suggested that we deal with the freckles now.  She explained that  the lasers work best on darker spots and Retin A tended to  lighten freckles.  So, in a few weeks   my freckles will be history.   

Close-up:  Caffeine

Extracted from coffee beans, caffeine  may offer some pretty heavy duty beauty benefits.  Studies have shown that it can repair sun damaged skin, reduce inflammation and shrink swollen blood vessels.  It is this feature  which makes caffeine helpful for reducing puffy eyes.  Tea also  has significant amounts of  caffeine which is why a cold wet tea bag is a time honored treatment for under-eye bags.

5 thoughts on “Date with A New Dermatologist

  1. Interesting information! I have been having lunchtime peels–up to 70% aha –since I was 35, which is twenty years. I now give them to myself periodically, and I think this is a terrific way to keep up appearances. Skin is clearer, pores smaller, and wrinkles lessened because (so I hear) collagen production is simulated. I am looking forward to reading about progress on the freckle front–I
    have those on my shoulders. They once seemed so cute but now…not so much.

    • I am a big fan of glycolic peels. Tomorrow I am highlighting a home kit for a glycolic peel. Its called Exfoliating Glyco Peel System from dermatologist Patricia Wexler. Its a 10% peel that is easy and safe to use. In two minutes you can see an increased freshness and color. It comes in two quick steps and costs about $65 for 30 treatments. At $2/ peel its an incredible beauty bargin. You can find it at Bath and Body Works and even better they have a money back guarrantee for every product they sell. Check in next week when my freckles meet a laser.

    • Hi Linda, I’m interested in knowing how to give myself the peels you talk about. I’m 48 and have had chemical peels in the past. I would love to be able to cut out the dermotologist who charges too much. Please let me know where to buy and how to apply. Thanks

  2. Hi Linda, please let me know where I can purchase the peels and do them myself as you do. I’ve had peels in the past and would love to cut out the dertomotogist who charges too much for these procedures.

    • Hi Carmen,
      The name of the great home peel is Exfoliating Glyco Peel System by Paricia Wexler, MD. It is available at Bath and Body Works for about $65. They have stores a alot of malls and are also available online. They also have a special formulation for sensitive skin. It is a two step peel with two jars each containing 30 pads each. Let me know how it works for you. Best, Deb

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