Retin A and Snowstorms Don’t Mix

NYCsnowstormThe cold  and snowy weather continues to cause problems for my  Retin A  treated skin.  Apparently it is the low humidity in the air that’s driving the red patches, tightness and flaking.  I’m going to cut back Retin A useage to 2-3x  per week and drench my skin with a  heavy  moisturizer  in the morning and evening. In addition I’m going to address environmental humidity both inside and outside.  At night I’m going  to plug in my humidifier to compensate for radiator dry air.  To humidify myself I’m  going to try to remember to drink  at least a quart of  water a day.  In warm weather I seem to  have a glass of ice tea surgically attached to my hand.  When it gets cold, my daily liquid intake  drops to several cups of tea  and coffee.

If  these adjustments don’t help, I  have two other options:

1) Twice a week I can apply Retin A, leave it on for 30 minutes, rinse it off and top with moisturizer.

2.  Stop using Retin A  entirely until spring

I think I really see  a difference with Retin A and I don’t want to lose  what ground I have gained.

Close-Up– Peptides 

Peptides are fragments of proteins.  They don’t directly affect the skin, but rather trigger activities in the cells that help them stay young.  Research has shown that peptides can encourage growth of collagen and improve blood circulation in the skin– all good when it comes to anti-aging.  But outside the laboratory, the jury is still out deciding if  beauty products with peptide can deliver  on their promises.  There’s also concern about the ability of  peptide  to get through the skins layers or even how much peptide  is in a product.   I’m going to try  a peptide- rich  moisturizer with a money-back guarantee.  Definately a win-win situation.  If  it works, my skin  will look better.  If it doesn’t, I’ll get my money back.

4 thoughts on “Retin A and Snowstorms Don’t Mix

  1. Thank you so much for reminding us that the ‘elements’ can effect our skin and we should adjust our routine to help offset these changes. I do not like scarves on my face and so when I am out in the cold weather – with wind blasting – it hits my face straight on – and, I live in an apartment with radiator heat – which is SO drying. Yet, even though I recognize these seasonal realitities, I typically do not remember to drink more and moisturize more.

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  3. Hi: Just want to say I’ve been using Retin A for over 10 years, slowly working up to the strongest one… And yes, I have very dry and often splotchy skin (even before the Retin A!). But I never, ever use more than 3x week…and always put a dash of strong moisturizer right on top, and leave all on for the night . After all these years, it really does help! Oh, and don’t forget the backs of your hands!

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