It Really Worked!

For the past week or so, it appeared to me that I looked “better”.  To my eyes, my skin seemed to have a healthier color, the smile lines seemed less deep and the skin texture smoother and fresher.  But it can be so hard to judge yourself.  But when I compared  my before and after pictures, the improvements  were real.  Photo 1 is my face before I did anything to it.  Photo 2 is after almost three weeks on Retin A. In the second photo my skin is clearly pinker and the texture  looked firmer and younger.  When I started with Retin A,  I read in Natural Beauty by Bobbie Brown  that I could see  real changes within a week to 10 days– and I did.

I did have to do some real work  to earn these benefits.  Retin A is powerful and I had to adjust my routine to deal with  cold, dry air or sudden skin redness.  Its not something you can apply and ignore.  When  my skin looked dry and/or irritated, it was a signal to take a Retin A holiday  and double down with a heavy duty moisturizer.

Retin A means  choosing  companion skin care products very carefully.  Not ony did I need to look for ingredients like sunscreen and hyaluronic acid, I needed to avoid poential irritants such as scrubbing grains, vitamin C,  alpha hydroxy acids,  and retinoids.  These are helpful ingredients, but  can be too irritating when combined with Retin A.

I am really pleased with my new improved complexion– but to quote Winston Churchill, this is not the end.  This is not even the beginning of the end.  It is the end of the beginning.  Next on my list–  a date with a laser to fry my freckles.

Close-Up: Copper Peptides

Studies have shown that copper peptides can promote burn and wound healing by stimulating growth of elastin and collagen.  We also know that as we grow older  the level of copper in our skin cells  naturally declines.  In fact, the amount of copper peptides falls about 30%  between the ages of 30-60.  This has led people  to believe that copper peptides have anti-aging properties.  There are a few industry supported studies  which show that copper  peptides can improve fine wrinkling, reduce dark patches and improve skin thickness.  This is not definative, but certainly promising.  Copper  peptides are affordable and  non-irritating and can be used successfully  with  Retin A regimens.  I’m going to try  them for the  nights when  my skin is too dry for a dab of Retin A.

3 thoughts on “It Really Worked!

  1. I would be very interested in an update on your opinion of Retin A and copper peptides.

    I use copper peptides and would like to hear more about their effect on aging skin.

    Thank you, Judy

  2. Hi, I just saw Dr. Oz touting the value of copper peptide cream in improving skin texture. However, I have also read some things on forums about copper peptides causing terrible damage. What’s your take on this?

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