The New Beauty Budget

Lets be honest here — an effective anti-aging plan is not cheap: Retin A is $300/tube.  Laser hair removal a painful $800.  Laser removal of freckles –$325.  Still to come  will be a bit of Botox ( $300) and  fillers for  my lines ( $800).   Rather than  dip into my savings to pay for these items, I decided to create a  personal beauty bank.  Here’s how it works. 

I looked over my usual expenses to see where I could cut back and save the money for my anti-aging plan and this is what I found–

* one less  dinner out each month@$100/dinner= $1200/year

* 3 less lattes/week @ $5/lattes= $780/year

* 2 less taxis/week@$10/taxi= $1040/year

* Bring lunch from home 2X/week@ $10/lunch=$1040/year

Add it all up and I can potentially   save  just over $4000/year!!.  Following my  new budget guidelines,  in less than nine months I was able to save  about $2700, more than enough for all my beauty goals.   Funny thing about saving this money, once I achieved my financial goals, I had no desire to go back to my former spending  habits.  I love the idea of a personal beauty bank and will continue to  add to it.

5 thoughts on “The New Beauty Budget

  1. Fabulous ideas! I know that there are several areas where I can save money with relatively no hardship – yet it is so easy to just stay with old habits. For me I know there are several other areas I can think of as well – such as reviewing phone, cable and Internet plans. I know that I have plans that no longer serve me any better then new ones available that are lower cost – yet it often seems like too much trouble and time to review and update / change these items. However, you have given me renewed motivation! I am ging to review things that have been on my todo list and then feel much better about going out and buying some products I keep ‘visiting’ on store shelves! Thanks – this is very exciting – and fun! Please keep these great ideas and tips coming.

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