Even My Neck Has Wrinkles

Until I started this blog, I had pretty much ignored my neck.  I was happy that it held up my head and didn’t hurt. While I was vaguely aware that it was rough and wrinkly, I was pretty much focused on my dark under-eye circles and vertical smile lines.  After about a month on Retin A, I realized that there was a significant  amount of difference between my face and my neck.  The skin on my face looked smoother, pinker and  firmer.  On the other hand my neck, has horizontal lines, loose skin tone and was just plain pale.  The difference is so strong that it looks like I am wearing make-up on my face and my neck is dirty. ( See photo)

I was therefore thrilled  when Dr Marmur,  my  dermatologist, told me that I could apply Retin A to my neck and chest area.   I had assumed that since the skin is so thin on the neck that Retin A would be too irritating.  I was wrong.   Even when the weather turned cold and snowy my neck was  happy to have its nightly dose of Retin A.  Lets see how long it takes to make my neck wrinkle-free or at least show some improvement.

Close-Up: Kinetins

Kinetins are plant hormones that are vital to plant health.  It prevents yellowing of leaves and the rotting of fruit.  Almost all of the research with kinetins have been with plants.  The few studies with human skin were sponsored by the company that holds the patants to Kinetins.   However results were pretty promising, showing that kinetins applied twice a day reduced some signs of sun aging.  These included skin coarseness, dark patches and spider veins. If you are under 50 and have spent  many happy hours in the sun, anti-aging skin products with  kinetins may improve your skin quality.  Look for products that contain .1% kinetin concentration.  Another good fact– kinetins are non-irritating  and can be used  with Retin A  and AHA’s ( fruit acids)

2 thoughts on “Even My Neck Has Wrinkles

  1. Hi, Deb. I thoroughly enjoyed your book when it was hot off the presses in ’74 and I still have my original copy. So glad to see you’re blogging.

    I wanted to ask you, what do you know about a line of products called MyChelle Dermaceuticals? I’ve tried various peels on sale at my area health food store, but can’t say I’ve had any noticeable results. The MyChelle is only the most recent!

    Thanks very much.


    • Hi Rebecca,

      Its so great to hear from you. So much has changed over the years in beauty care. I don’t know the Mychelle brand but I will look into it and report back. I’d love to hear about your beauty issues and what you are doing about them. This week I am sending out free UV wristbands that help you control aging sun exposure. Just email me at deb@nononsensebeautyblog.com with your full name and address and I will send it out in time for Labor Day weekend– the last each weekend of the summer.

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