Anti-Aging Plan– Game On

I’m five days into using Retin A and so far so good.  I’m so anxious to see a  a  change in my lines and wrinkles  that I want to use it every day. I need to be patient and stick to  my plan to use it very other day for the first 10 days to two weeks. If I rush and  my skin rebels, I  will have to  stop using until irritation  fades.  Pushing ahead too fast  will only cost me time while  I wait for things to settle down.

Close-up: Collagen

Collagen fibers  give our skin strength and flexibility.  Time and sunlight gradually destroy  both collagen and its close cousin elastin, contibuting to the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Well-designed clinical studies have repeatedly shown that  Retin A can stimulate the growth of healthy new collagen– which is one of the reasons that I plunked down $300 for a less than  1/2 ounce tube of … Continue Reading…

The Beauty of Retin A

Most dermatologists, even those  pushing their own line of products, recommend some form of Retin A  as “the foundation of anti-aging skin care” ( their words, not mine).  Yet many of my friends are dubious about using it.  I tried it   a few years ago, but just wasn’t into it.   At that time I didn’t  have sun damage or wrinkles and probably did not see the point.   Now I really want it to live up to its promises.  To improve my chances of success  and reduce  redness and irritation, I came up with a Retin A tip sheet:

1. Use a very mild cleanser, avoid  scrubbing grains, exfoliators, alpha hydroxy acids, and wash cloths.

2.  Wait 30 minutes after face washing  to apply Retin A

3. Start with a low dose of a milder product in a cream base.  I’m using Retin- A Micro  which is a low dose product … Continue Reading…