There’s A Reason They Call them Age Spots

Its now been  five days since Dr Marmur aimed a laser at my  brown spots.   I called them freckles, but in truth  they were age spots.  Less than a week  after the procedure, the small scabs have fallen off and the skin is slightly pink where once it was brown.   I am really surprised how much difference the absence of dark spots makes on the appearance of  my complexion.  The new skin clarity allows  the improvements from Retin A and home peels ( better texture, color and tone) to shine right  through.

The difference   was instantly apparent to my friend Maria.  Tall and beautiful, she is a women who certainly  knows her way around beauty options.   As soon as she walked  though the door she peered at me ” you look great” she exclaimed ”  What have you had done?

Laser treatment of my age spots cost $325 and I think it was  money very well spent.  In Budget Beauty terms it  was three dinners  and three taxis.     

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Close-Up:  Green Tea

More than 80 studies have shown that drinking green tea can lower risk  of  heart disease and some forms of cancer..  Even more on point, some studies have shown  that skin care products enriched with green tea can protect against sun damage.  Researchers have identified the chemical in green tea ( ECGC)  as the source ot its  sun protective powers.  Keep in mind that some studies have not shown these benefits and then there is the problem of how much green tea is actually in a product.  But I think there is enough evidence  that green offers skin care benefits.  It certainly could have a place in a sunscreen, a daytime moisturizer  or eye cream.  This summer,  I am going to try cold green bags on my eyes after a day in the sun.

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  1. had operation for bad mole on knee 14 years ago/took out about 15 lymph glands/I am 75 years /got any suggestions to get more energy and do something with the swollen foot?

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