Layers of Beauty Care

This week, as I was  prowling thru the aisles of a department store looking for the perfect eye cream, I found myself  in the middle of a total beauty pitch.  Pushing side my request for a single product, the sales consultant launched into a demonstration of  a series of creams and serums, all to be used at the same time.  First she recommended a cleanser, then a treatment serum, then a skin lightner, followed by a moisturizer and topped off with a sunscreen.  Total price for this –almost $1000.   Individually  a number of these products looked interesting, but piling them  one on top of another made no sense.  Remember the major role of the skin, its raison d’etre so to say, is to keep  stuff out.  Stuff  like dirt, insects, bacteria, viruses, and just plain poisons.  In fact, when  the integrity of the skin is damaged, such as   in a scrape or cut,  the risk of infection rises sharply.  In beauty care,  one of the biggest challenges is to  get treatment products to be absorbed into the lower layers of the skin where problems are developing.  Once you put a product on the skin, you are creating another layer that blocks absorption of anything else. 

To get the best results ( and not waste money)  use your treatment product first  and top it with a moisturizer that comes with added benefits. In the daytime, make sure that this moisturizer has a strong  sunscreen.  At night, check that the  moisturizer  has lots of water attracting elements such as  collagen and hyaluronic acid. You don’t get that many opportunities to treat your skin and each product should offer a combintion of benefits.  Layering them will  just cut down  on how well ach can  work.

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