Me and My Under Eye Shadows, Part 2

Eliminating or at least reducing dark circles depends on what is causing them in the first place.  For shadows caused by melanin ( from sun exposure) ingredients is focused on techniques that ” bleach”  out the darkened skin tone.  There are  shelves of products which contain ingredients such as hydroquione, kojic acid, azaleic acid and niacinamide.  Other products contain caffeine which are known to shrink blood vessels.  The theory here is that  swollen capillaries  in the eye area make make the skin look puffy and leak  minute amounts of blood into the skin.  Sounds reasonable, but we’ll have to see.  Another category of ingredients  such as Haloxyl claim that they can break down the hemoglobin ( from the leaked blood) that are causing the shadows.  I am trying to get  my hands on the clinical trials that support these claims, but I know Haloxyl are used in  a  number of expensive brands.

I found two interesting candidates– Skin Renew Anti–Puff Eye Roller ( Garnier) $14.99 at CVS  and Triple Task Eye Treatment  ( Bigalow)   which contains 2% Haloxyl. Its from Bath and Body Works.  I  must admit I am a sucker for a product that gives percentages of its active ingredients.

I  will  try out these products for two weeks taking before and after pictures.  Best of all if they don’t work I get a full refund  from CVS  and Bath and Body Works as long as I have the receit.

During the day, I want, no need, an eye cream with a sunscreen.  I was atonished that I could not find a single eye cream with sunscreen at CVS or Duane Reade.   I took it up a notch and made a field trip to Saphora. They had nine good candidates, but that was still a very small portion of the literally dozens of different eye care products.  I am  really excited about  the three I picked:

* Mured Essential C Eye Cream SPF 15.( $67)  Its a hefty price tag, but it has vitamin C  wich has been shown to lower risk of cell damge from sun exposure

* Dior  Hydraction Eye Creame SPF 20 ($24.  And it comes with DiorShow  mascara.  Nice!

* Shiseido Sun Protection SPF 32 $32. ( no, its not a typo).  I’m really psyched about a 32SPF.

It  looks like a bright beautiful sunny day and I am eagar to roadtest  one of my  sunscreen fortified eye cream.

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