Preventing Under Eye Circles

These are my under eye circles, untreated but  after four months of Retin A on the rest of my face.  Dr. Marmur of Mount Sinai says they are caused by both melanin deposits and loss of  fat pads under the eye. In the first photo you can see that there is a depression in  facial contours under the eye.  That dip is  part of aging.  Look at a baby or a child under age 10.  No depression in that area.  The  darkness in the skin due to melanin which  may, and the operative word here is “may”  respond to skin lighteners like kojic acid or hydroquinone. But to  make a bigger difference  I will need injectable fillers to erase the shadows.  The idea of  injecting stuff under my eye  makes me cringe, so I’ll see how far I can get with under eye creams and gels.

To prevent further discoloration and wrinkling I found two promising products.  Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer ($9.99) is a concealer with a 25 SPF.   It both hides  the dark circles and prevents more melanin   formation.  Nice!   The second photo shows  how well it works.  And I don’t have to wear foundation on the rest of my  face to blend it in. If nothing actually helps the shadows, I can  buy a case of this stuff and use  it to disguise them.  Its  good to  have a plan B. 

I also found  a great  eye area sunscreen from Clarins.  Called  Sunscreen Wrinkle Control Eye High Protection ( $22) it has  a 30SPF.   I plan to  use it hen I spend time outdoors in the summer sun. 

Coming Up:  Lightening dark circles as you sleep

4 thoughts on “Preventing Under Eye Circles

  1. Really great results you’ve got 🙂 ..and very natural too. I just might try the retin A stuff too, so far I’m giving rosehip seed oil and essential oils a year or so to show results.

    I am looking for some good facial exercises to help lift my face a bit. I think there’s something to them, there are resistance training for face, sort of like weight lift, and some are yoga inspired. I am going to do some search and find out if there are some for the eye area too.

    • Thank you, I was really happy at the results. Next week I am uploading the before and after photos of my neck. I didn’t see much of a difference but the photos showed a different story. If you want to join me with before and after photos of your treatment plan, I’d love to put them on the nononsense beauty blog.

  2. Thanks for the offer, I don’t know if I dare do it on a blog 🙂 But that is a very good idea, to have a clear cut plan and clear reference for results. You are much more scientific than I am.

    Kind Regards

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