Saving My Own Neck

I have been  using the same  anti-aging  plan for my neck for about eight weeks and here are the before  (top)and after (bottom) photos.  While the changes are not as dramatic  as they were on my face, you can see a genuine improvement.  There is  now a pinker tone to the skin so there is no longer  such a big difference in color between  my neck and face. It was a nice surprie to see that the baggy skin under my chin looks significantly tighter.  You really have to  hand it to Retin A!

The texture is a bit better, but still looks a bit like chicken skin ( eg bumpy).  The horizontal lines are about the same.

It takes much longer to repair  neck skin, so I’ll just keep going with the plan.  At night I  apply a pea size dab of Retin A   to the neck and top  it with  a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid.  During the day I apply a 30SPF sunscreen  to protect  my neck from additional sun damage.   Once a week I use a home glycolic peel from Patricia Wexler that I found at Bath and Body Works.  And remember  they have a full refund policy if you don’t like  a product that you bought from them.  Just save your reciept.

Looking at my neck I have renewed respect for  the scarf skills  of  chic  French women.  I  had thought the scarf was a sign of  a great fashion sense.  Now I suspect its a really cleaver way of  hiding  a less than perfect neck.   I’ve found a great site  that  offers new ways of tying scarves.  Check out for   flattering ways of tying different types of scarves.  I found my new favorite scarf  tie  on her February 1 post.

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