Retin A Options

I have been using Retin A Micro for several months and I’m thrilled  with the results.  There are also several other types of  Retin A products ( available only by prescription) that you should know about.  In addition I’m going  to decribe  two new types of  retinoids  that   have different features that could be of value.

1.  Retin A — This is the granddaddy of anti-aging products and has volumes of research behind it.  Its now available in a generic version that costs less than $30 online.  By comparison the drugstore price for the brand name Retin A is about @$120/tube. This is one of the strongest  forms of Retin A and you  should follow the rules  very carefully to avoid irritation– its worth it and the savings are amazing.

2. Retin-A Micro-  This is the form that I currently use.  It has  two strengths–.o4%  and .1%.  It is made up in a slow release formula to make it less irritating .

3. Renova—  This is a particularly mild form of tretinoin.  It comes in a .02% concentration in a rich creamy base.

4.  Refissa —  The only fragrance-free tretinoin, Refissa  is the newest  form on the market.  It i a very creamy formulation  with a .05% concentration.

5. Differin — This product has a different retinoid called adapalene.  There are two strengths– .1% cream and .3% gel.  Adapalene is  milder than  Retin A, but  not quite as effective.  Its an excellent choice  for people who cannot handle Retin A, but still want to deal with aging/sun-damaged skin.

6. Tazorac — This product contains   tazarotene, another type of retinoid.  It is available in .1% concentration  in both a gel and a cream.  Doctors report that can be more effective than Retin A, but also more irritating

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