The Price of Beauty

After the “Boob Job in a Box” fiasco, I have given up on over the counter remedies for dark undereye circles.  I decided  crank up my  strategy with a cream called Tri-luma.  Available only by prescription it is a combintion of Retin A, hydroquinone which is known to lighten skin and a steroid to control inflammation from these two heavy hitters.  Unfortunately it carries a hefty  price tag of almost $300/30grams ( about one ounce).   Since I don’t know if  it will actually work  for me, that’s a big investment for a ‘maybe’. 

To get a better price, I went online to order Tri-luma from an online Canadian pharmacy.   It  looked so easy online, but getting my  hands on a  tube of  Tri-luma  was harder  than I expected.  Despite  listing Tri-luma on their websites, most pharmacies   did not actually sell Tri-luma  or were indefinately out of stock. None took American Express.  Prices were lower  than in my local  drug store, but still pretty high at around $179.  By comparison, the cost of Retin A , which also retails for about $300 was  just $40-50/tube online.

I finally found a pharmacy which had it in stock.  They had a friendly helpful staff, took my credit card and told me to fax my prescriptionto them.  I was told I could  expect my Tri-luma in 8-14 business days.   However  a few days later I got a call from a very perky young lady explaining that since  the product was actually coming from the US, I needed to mail them, rather than just fax, the prescription.   Clearly online Canadian pharmacies are not a good choice if you need a prescription filled quickly.  Almost three weeks later after starting the process, I am still waiting  for my latest ” hope in a jar”.

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