Meeting Giselle

A few years ago I was excited to be called into a meeting to discuss a beauty book project with Giselle Bundchen, the  legendary  supermodel.  The meeting started  late and so in the interest of time, the assorted agents, editors and fashionistas decided to skip introductions.  Looking around the conference room I was a little bummed that I did not see Giselle at the table.  I pulled out a notebook and tried to follow the rapid fire conversation  which often dissolved into French or Italian.  It seemed  that they were talking as though Giselle was in the room, but I could not see her.  Everytime someone spoke I stretched  out my neck to see who was speaking, but still no Giselle.  After about 15 very confusing minutes I realized that the slender girl sitting two chairs to my right ( who I thought was someone’s admin) was the iconic beauty.  I stared so hard at her that the agent who had brought me into the project  dug her elbow sharply into my rib.”Stop staring” she hissed in my ear.

Dressed in a baggy sweater and pants, her  hair pulled back into a tight bun, she looked like a pretty upper east side school girl.  I could barely see a trace of the blonde glamazon who strutted so confidently on the Victoria’s Secret runway.  She was charming, friendly and completely unpretentious.  But this was the woman that set the standards of beauty that men expected and woman measured themselves by.  My point, and I do have one, is that in real time not even Giselle looked like the statuesque iconic Giselle. Comparing ourselves to unreal and unachievable standards only fuels painful  insecurity about  our appearance. And that is so unnecessary.

7 thoughts on “Meeting Giselle

  1. Thanks for directing me to your blog, Deb! I love it! And I will subscribe so I can stay up to date!

    How wonderful that you got to meet with Giselle, and what a great experience to see her the way you did. I wish all our little girls had the chance to see supermodels that way!

    • That is exactly what I told my daughters. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a group of famous models and actresses agreed to do a photo shoot where they were just wearing ordinary clothes without any specialhair and make-up. The photoshopped ads and fashion layouts make so many women ( of any age) feel that they don’t measure up.

  2. Deb, what an amazing encounter and you wrote about it so well. Here at work I have all my inspiring pictures and business cards in front of me. Of course yours is one of them.

  3. I think of the great things about being a writer is I can share things that are important to me. It was just one meeting out of a lifetime of conference rooms, but it changed forever the way I felt about beauty. THanks for your support.

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