Allergies and Aging

We all know that spring allergies can make us sneeze and itch– but did  you know spring allergies can make you look older?  Seasonal allergies produce daily inflammation that trigger dark circles under the eyes.  Blood vessels swell and leak fluid that pool under the eyes.  The result?  Eyes become puffy and swollen.  A bad allergy season  can lead to permanent  bags  and wrinkles under the eyes. 

With seasonal allergies, the  best offense is a strong defense.  When you see the trees and flowers blooming, start taking a daily non -sedating anti histamine like Zyrtec  or Claritin. Your body needs  several weeks  to build up allergy- fighting levels of medication for the months of pollen heavy air  that are coming.

Make you own home  an allergen-free zone.  To keep pollen from building up inside, close windows and turn on the A/C.  If you wake up with swollen eyes and congestion, try to … Continue Reading…

Having Fun With Beauty

A neighbor stopped me yesterday to complain about my blog ” You’re so technical” she scolded me,   “You’ve taken the fun  out of beauty”

I was floored.  I’m  having a great time exploring anti-aging options:

*  I think its  fun not to cringe when I look  in the mirror

* I think  its really fun to get  loads of compliments.

* I  think its so  much fun not  wasting money on useless  beauty products

* And when I  bump into the mean girl from high school who looks 10 years older than me– well, its doesn’t  get any  funnier than that.

This Is Not Your Mothers’ Retin A

I went to  a wedding recently and caught up with old friends who  I had not seen in about a year.  They all told me how  great I looked– rested,  healthy and radiant were  words that  they tossed at me.  But when I shared with them that  that my “glow”   was due to Retin A  they shuddered and   declared  they would not use it.  

 Although most dermatologists  believe that Retin A  is the foundation of anti-aging  skin care, so  many women are resistant to using it.  I think  that  they may  have  used the original formulation which was terribly irritating.  When it was first  introduced, I ran out and bought a tube  and it felt like I was using paint remover on my skin.  Today  the newer formulations are  light years  milder  and yet more effective.  If you used Retin A in the past and didn’t  like it,  you owe it … Continue Reading…

It’s True! Stress can Make You Look Older

I know that stress is linked to  increased risk of heart disease, high blood perssure and even diabetes.  But can it cause wrinkles?  Pale skin color?  Saggy skin? I’m a science geek ( I went to Bronx High School of  Science)  and I need  a solid explanation that such a cause and effect does exist.

And here it is. Stress which can  range from  a traffic  jam  to a bad break-up, triggers a firestorm of  hormones in the body.  The worst of these  bad boys is cortisol   which causes problems everywhere it shows up.  Cortisol not only damages existing collagen,  it  shuts down  growth  of healthy new collagen and elastin.   The result? An increase in lines, wrinkles and flabby skin.  And wait, there’s more.  Cortisol slows down circulation which makes   your skin look pale and dull.

Short periods of stress  such as a  long line at Starbucks or a bad haircut are frustating, … Continue Reading…