Tri-luma Diaries

Tri-luma is a cream that is a combination of Retin A, hydroquinone ( established skin lightener) and a steroid  to  keep things calm.  It has been shown to successfully lighten unwanted dark areas on the skin– but not for everyone.  When it works it can lighten under-eye shadows as well as brighten a dull patchy complexion.  However it can also be irritating which  may actually  increase pigmentation — creating  more shadows and dark patches.  Definately not the result  I am looking for.

My first two days on Triluma were uneventful.  I followed standard  Retin A protocol and waited an hour after washing my face before applying a small dab of Tri-luma under my eyes.  In the morning  there was no redness or irritation.  I am going to take photos  every week  to note any changes.  The photo on the right is my “before” shot.  This will give me a baseline  for comparison.   My standard for  a successful anti-aging beauty product  is that there are clear cut benefits.   I am eagar  to see if  the dark circles diminish over the next eight weeks.

2 thoughts on “Tri-luma Diaries

  1. Hi, I’m a new reader through Deja Pseu. I have used Triluma. It is nice for smoothing, but it couldn’t get to my melasma problem sufficiently.

    I recently had the Melanage Peel and am really hopeful! So far, after two weeks, my spots are gone and my skin is so smooth and the pores have shrunk. I am 46.

    Let us know how it goes! Karen

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