My Retin A Needs a Boost

I have been using  .o5% Retin A Micro  for almost four months and I have seen great results.  In the past two weeks I have noticed that the  healthy glow has faded a bit.  Its sort of  like a once great diet where you’ve stopped losing weight.  I don’t need to wait  between washing my face and applying this proven wrinkle fighter to my face to avoid irritation. Clearly my skin cells are now rather bored with my treatment. I need to, as Emeril would say, “crank it up a bit”.  I still have  about a quarter of  the $300 tube left and  I really don’t want to waste it.  I did a bit of research and  found that I could use  physical exfoliating tools  like Buff Puff  sponge to enhance the anti-aging effects.   Cleansing my face with a disposable abrasive sponge makes  the skin feel clean and smooth, and the glow is coming back.  I can finish this lower dose Retin A  using  this added boost, but my next subscription will  be for a stronger Retin A product.  I  am looking at two choices:

1) I can move up to .1% Retin A Micro.  This is more than double the strength of the cream I am now using, but still in the gentler encapsulated form.   And still pricey  at $300 a tube.

2) I can switch to the original .o5% Retin A which is naturally stonger.  Its also   much less expensive.  In  my local pharmacy Retin A ( which is now generic) is about $115.  From a Canadian phrmacy, its $40. Nice.  I can put the extra money towards  my next big project  — A visit with the IPL laser.  This is the mildest laser that can brighter the complexion by removing dark spots, remove fine  lines and slightly tighten the skin.

But right now I  have to decide on the next step. Does anyone have experience with  moving up in strength in Retin A?

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