The Five Best Anti-Aging Tips

#4– Don’t Smoke

As if you need another reason to quit smoking.  Tobacco smoke lowers blood flow  that makes the skin look dull and pale.  The toxic chemicals in cigarettes ( there  are 2000 of them, no kidding) provoke free radicals which splinter our collagen and elastin– those fibers that keep the skin smooth and firm.  Even the physical act of  smoking ( pursing your lips around the cigarettes creates the hard-to treat vertical lines around the mouth.  And if you are  pack a day smoker, quitting will save up to $3000/year which can buy  a great new wardrobe.

And I don’t want to forget second hand smoke.  It has been estimated that up to 50,000 people die each year from heart or lung disease due to second hand smoke– so its not much of a stretch to believe that others peoples bad tobacco habits can  age my skin. Next time someone asks me if they can smoke, I’ll say  “Sure, as long as you cover the cost for my new tube of Retin-A”

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