It Almost Worked!

After a really long , cold, grey winter I was elated to ditch my black pants for a short summer dress.  I pulled out my new olive green  J.Crew dress and trotted over to the mirror to check it all out.  The dress looked fine, but the two white pasty legs that stuck out from the knee length hem just didn’t work for me.  Before I started this anti-aging program I would  have headed out to the park  to toast my bare  legs to  a nice healthy color.   Now that I have become  hyper-vigilent about sun damage, I decided it was time to explore the world of sunless tanners.

I’ve always been hesitant about these products.  I love a bit of color but did not want that orange hue where I looked like the newsest cast member of Jerseylicious. I was also concerned that sunless sprays would go wild and discolor my newly renovated … Continue Reading…

Green Tea: First Aid for Sunburn

I really enjoyed  this warm sunny weekend.  I applied my usual 30SPF  sunscreen in the morning and was off to enjoy the day.  By 3pm  my sunscreen was  long gone as I walked through the first sun-filled street fair of the season.  By Saturday night my face felt tight and burned.  In the past I would have run for a bottle of calamine lotion or aloe  gel to cool the burning sensation.  This  time I turned to a more organic and scientific remedy — a box of  Green Tea.   

There are  impressive well designed studies that show Green Tea  can protect skin cells from sunlight induced genetic damage.  I brewed up a strong cup of  Green Tea and patted  a cooled   tea bag to my face.  I don’t know if this Green Tea rinse actually  reversed  my sun damage, but  by morning  my skin felt cool and comfortable.

My terriffic dermatologist, Ellen Marmur has made … Continue Reading…