Anti-Aging Sunscreen Cheat Sheet #4

Non-Greasy/Oil-Free – We’ve come a long way since  suncare meant a homemade mixture of baby oil and iodine.   Heavy, rich sunscreens makes you look sweaty, can ruin clothing, and provoke breakouts– even way past the age  when  blemishes  should be a problem.  Breakouts AND bags are  just too unfair.  When I ask people why they don’t wear sunscreens  one of the most  common reasons is that they cause breakouts.  If you  look for non-greasy/oil free on the label,  sunscreens will  make your skin  look better, not worse.

For more information on sunscreens, click on 15minute beauty fanatic on my blog roll.  This beauty blog has a great series on sunscreens, including tips on a wide range of products.

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