The Anti-Aging Lunchtime Laser

I’m really happy with my Retin-A treatd skin but I’ve become greedy.  I asked my anti-aging  guru, Dr Marmur  of Mount Sinai, for micro-dermabrasion and she suggested  the IPL laser — aka “the lunchtime laser”.  Unlike the industrial strength CO2 laser, the IPL is non-ablative which means  that it does not remove whole layers of skin.  This makes healing much easier and faster.

Using bursts of  light of  different wave lengths, the IPL laser can remove freckles, brown patches, redness,  and enlarged pores.  As an extra bonus, IPL produces a bit of tightening for a  more youthful contour.  It is especially effective  for  signs of sun aging  when you’re in  your 30’s and 40’s.

I was told  to stop using Retin- A  three days before the procedure.  One hour  before my appointment, I applied lidocaine cream to numb the area.  Remembering my first painful laser exerience, I literally frosted my face with the numbing cream.   Dr Marmur  covered my eyes with paste -on shields and went to work.  It didn’t hurt!   In fact it was significantly less uncomfortable than the laser that another  doctor used for my first hair removal.

The session lasted about 20 minutes and this is what I looked  like a few moments after I got off the examining table. 

A little dazed and slightly blotchy, my skin felt a bit sore, like a mild sunburn.  I was told to use my usual mild Cetaphil cleanser and avoid Retin- A for at least another 3 days.   For sun protection I was to use a sunscreen for sensitive skin that contained   a  physical sunblock like titanium dioxide.  I choose Neutrogena for Sensitive Skin SPF 40.

A few hours later, my face started to feel hot and irritated.  In the mirror I could see strange , pink, rectangular blotches on my cheeks.  Dr M told me this  was a histamine reaction, a sign that I was going to have  great results ( and she was right again). She prescribed a mild steroid cream and within an hour  the blothches were gone.

Next post:  Let the healing begin.

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