Lunchtime Laser, Day Two

 The next morning I was happy to see the red splotches were gone, but now there were a shower of tiny brown spots on my nose and cheeks.  These are exploded freckles and  areas of discoloration. ( See photo) 

I know this means that my skin will  have a pinker more even color, but at this point its disconcerting.  They are supposed to fall off in a day or two.

While the after effects of the IPL laser is far less severe than a traditional laser, I wonder if the concept of  “lunchtime laser” has been ovesold.  I don’t know where you work, but I think my colleagues and clients would notice my new spots and splotches.  Next time  I am going to have  this type of anti-aging  procedure on a Friday afternoon.  I’ll stock up of DVD’s, get the latest Patricia Cornwall book , fill up a basket of  food from Eli’s  and take it easy over the weekend.  By Monday, I’ll be a little fatter, but my skin will be glorious.

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