IPL Laser, Day 4

By Day 4   I decided to use a Buff Puff to remove the freckle debris.  I can see clear signs of improvement in the skin. 

It looks poreless and feels very soft.  There are a few red areas of irritation which I can easily cover  with a dab of concealer. IPL is recommended for early signs of aging and I can now see why.  I  have been using Retin-A for more than five months and  a YAG laser to burn off larger freckles.  The  heavy  lifting done, the IPL laser was able to gently but effectively refine  my skin.

2 thoughts on “IPL Laser, Day 4

  1. I’ve been contemplating some sort of laser treatment for my intractable little sunspots and mild melasma. Sounds like it’s going well for you so far. Is this the first of a series of IPL treatments, or is just one session enough?

    Thanks — looking forward to seeing your next post on this.

      1. IPL is often given in a series of treatments. Bcause I had been on Retin A for five months and had removed my larger freckles with a YAG laser, one treatment gave me a marked improvement. It sounds ideal for your skin issues, but I want point out that success depends a good deal on the skill of the doctor. The IPL has a range of wave lengths of light and each one is for a different problem eg red lines, melasma, emlarged pores. I have found the best way to find a good doctor is a personal recommendation from someone you know. Then you can actually see their work.
        I will be posting my final results tomorrow. I am so happy with the results. I am planning to do it once a year to keep things looking good. Oh and one final thought– I would not plan to do this type of laser work in the summer. You have to be super- careful to keep recently treated lasered skin protected from the sun. I am using up bottles of sunscreen and actually bought a Tilly hat to shade my skin. More about the hat next week.

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