IPL: Final Results

Check it out!  Eight days after my lunch date with an IPL laser, my skin looks wonderful, even without make-up.  Its smooth, with a youthful type of radience and even  rosy skin tone.  Gone are the enlarged pores and it even seems firmer.  I really love the results and they were worth the healing time.  However IPL is  not something that should  be done right before a big event like  a wedding or a highschool reunion.  I would schedule it  at least two weeks before a special day  for a maximum glow. Although the recommendations are to resume normal skin care ( eg Retin A,  chemical sunscreens) within three days, I had a few  red spots so I waited a week.  I  just started back on my Retin A   and had no problems.  Same thing with my broad spectrum Aveeno sunscreen.

IPL is usually given in a series of 3-6 treatments, three weeks apart.  I  have been on Retin A for months and removed my larger freckles with a bad boy Yag laser.  One treatment made a big difference, but if you have alot of freckles and areas of discoloration, you’re going to need the full series of treatments.  This can  run into real money, but  it can produce great results with less drama than  a deep peel or full  face laser. 

One final word of advice.  The outcome of an IPL laser depends heavily on the skill and experience of  your doctor. They  have to know  which wave length to choose for each  problem and then how long to use it.   My derm, Dr Marmur,  is Chief of Dermatological Surgery at Mount Sinai and actually teaches other doctors  how  to do  IPL and other anti-aging techniques.   She is also a beautiful 40 year old women with four children who looks 27… in other words she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk.  Ask friends  for recommendations, check credentials and look in guidebooks like Top Doctors to find  the most skilled physcians in your area.

3 thoughts on “IPL: Final Results

    • THank you, I feel great about the results too. Unlike some procedures ( Botox, fillers) most of the results of IPL are permanent. THe brown spots are gone and if you use sunscreen, will not return. Ditto the red lines and dark patches. I believe that the increased firmness will last for a year or two as the natural aging process continues– but I plan to do it again every year. If you have IPL, I hope you show us the results.

  1. That’s so fantastic! I’d love to know what sunscreen you’re using, post-IPL, and hope you’ll reveal it in one of your upcoming sunscreen posts. So hard to find one that protects the skin while feeling elegant at the same time.

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