Sunscreen Follies

How much sunscreen  do you use on your face?  A dab or two on your cheeks and forehead?  A nickel-sized blob?  I have often read that experts recommend  using one tablespoon on the face and two tablespoons for the body.  Last week while I was making Linzer cookies, I was measuring out butter and one tablespoon looked like a pretty big lump to apply to  my face.  It got me thinking.  I know that butter is 100% fat so perhaps a creamy lotion would absorb more easily.  I squeezed out a tablespoon of my favorite sunscreen and dumped it on a saucer.  As you can see from the photo, its quite an impressive puddle of cream.

In the name of science ( and beauty)  I applied  it to my face– and that’s when things started to become silly.  On Friday you’ll see what happens when I tried to apply the standard sunscreen recommendation of one tablespoon.

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