Can Grey Hair Be Beautiful?

I want to jump into the ” go grey/ not go grey” debate?  I recently posted that covering up grey hair is one of the top five anti-aging tips.  That being said, grey hair  can be beautiful, but its not that easy– or for everyone.  While going grey means you don’t need to get monthly tough-ups, its far from low maintenance.  When hair goes grey, it changes texture as well as color.  Grey hair usually becomes coarse and curly making  it more challenging to cut and blow-dry.

Grey hair is also not a single color, but appears in a range of shades.  Snowy white or pale silver hair has a natural glow and flatters  many skin tones.  ( It looks especially beautiful with pale skin and blue eyes).  By contrast, salt and pepper grey  has little shine and can be unflattering to  skin shades with yellow or olive undertones. 

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Anti-Aging Sunscreen Cheat Sheet #4

Non-Greasy/Oil-Free – We’ve come a long way since  suncare meant a homemade mixture of baby oil and iodine.   Heavy, rich sunscreens makes you look sweaty, can ruin clothing, and provoke breakouts– even way past the age  when  blemishes  should be a problem.  Breakouts AND bags are  just too unfair.  When I ask people why they don’t wear sunscreens  one of the most  common reasons is that they cause breakouts.  If you  look for non-greasy/oil free on the label,  sunscreens will  make your skin  look better, not worse.

For more information on sunscreens, click on 15minute beauty fanatic on my blog roll.  This beauty blog has a great series on sunscreens, including tips on a wide range of products.

Anti-Aging Sunscreen Cheat Sheet #3

3. Alcohol-Free- In some  people, alcohol in a sunscreen formulation can sting the skin.  If you have felt  irritation from  sunscreen in the past, an alcohol-free formulation  should  feel  more comfortable.  In addition, if you are using Retin A, AHA’s or had recent laser treatments, sunscreens with alcohol may be uncomfortable.   If you don’t fall in either category, alcohol- free is a non-issue  for your skin.

Anti-Aging Sunscreen Cheat Sheet #2

Fragrance-Free- This is pretty self-explanatory. I tend to favor fragrance- free products since scents are the single  largest cause of allergic reactions in skin care products.  Adding sun exposure  actually increases risks or irritation.   A sweet scent  also attracts bees, hornets and other biting bugs– definately not a plus.  On the other hand  nothing reminds me more of   a great day at the beach than the smell of Coppertone.  If allergies are not part of your life, the presence or absence of fragrance  is a non-starter in  your sunscreen choice.

Sunscreen Anti-Aging Cheat Sheet

When I was  a twenty something,  Memorial Day was the start of a glorious tanning season.  Now that I am over forty, hot sunny days sends me scrambling  for the biggest baddest sunscreen I can find.  And each year I find myself standing in front of shelves of sunscreens until my eyes glaze over.   Should I buy oil free?  fragrance fee?  and what is Helioplex?  In the past  I grabbed a few different brands and hoped for the best.  Now that I am committed to an anti-aging program, I need to do better.   So here is the start of my sunscreen cheat sheet:

1.  Broad Spectrum — this means that  it provides protection against all types of damaging sun rays.  There are basically two types — UV A and UVB.  At one time experts believed that  UVA  was a good guy and caused the skin to tan  and UVB  was the bad guy … Continue Reading…

Under Eye Shadows and Allergies

Sometimes there are simple answers to complicated problems.  I was bummed out that  most of the improvements I had seen with Tri-luma were reversed by seasonal allergies.  But yesterday I went to an  allergist who gave me such a simple and effective solution– a saline nasal rinse.  You simply spray a salty solution into each nostril and blow.  I did it before  going to sleep  and  by morning,   the newly returned shadows  were noticably lighter.  I have to keep using the saline nasal spray   all summer, but its wonderful to have such an easy,  low-tech solution. 

This just goes to my  core belief that we need to get to the causes of  beauty problems to really  see a difference.  If  we don’t deal with  changes in the  body that are driving the problems, then attempts to fix the problem are just a frustating waste of time… and money.

Progress On Under Eye Circles

 I had been on Tri-luma for almost three weeks and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.  The under eye shadows had lightened considerably.  Only the area closest to my nose still had dark blue smudges.  I made plans to take  some  great “after” photos after I got back from a weekend in the country.  And that’s where it all unraveled.  Saturday morning I woke up sneezing and by Monday my eyes were swollen and red.  And the under eye circles?  They’re back! 

When I  had blogged about the causes of under eye circles in March, I explained  that congestion of allergies causes pooling of fluids and hemoglobin under the eyes — and here I am the poster girl for under eye  allergy shadows.  I am hoping that  when I get  past this allergy episode, Triluma will  lighten my under eye shadows again. 

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The Five Best Anti-Aging Tips, # 1

#1 —  Protect Your Skin From Sun Aging

Horrifying but true–  up to 90% of skin aging is due to sun exposure.  The UV rays hammers the skin in four ways– destroying collagen and elastin fibers which leads to fine lines and deep wrinkles, bursts tiny blood vessels, and provokes brown spots and patches of pigmentation.  Repeated unprotected sun exposure damages cellular DNA that can lead to skin  cancer.  In fact 1 in 5 Americans can expect to develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  To short circuit sun-related beauty problems, apply a daily moisturizer with a 30SPF starting at the sides  of your nose and covering all areas of the face and neck.  Get into the habit of using a sunscreen so  it feels  as much  of your daily routine  as brushing  your teeth.

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