Should I Use A Moisturizer with My Sunscreen?

Question and answer about beautyI’ve received quite  a few emails  asking what moisturizer I use  with  my sunscreen.  Actually I don’t.  I’m not a big  fan of layering products on my skin.   Its hard enough  for bare skin to absorb ingredients in a single  product.  I can’t  help but think  that adding a separate moisturizer interferes  with absobption  of sun protection chemicals.  And thats  what they have to do to be effective.  Rather than sit on  your face  like a ski mask, most  sunblocks   work within the skin to deal with UV rays.

If you have dry skin or if you are using Retin A and you feel   as if  your skin is thirsty using  just a sunblock, I have two suggestions:

1.  Rather  than using a traditional sunscreen, use a moisturizer than also has an SPF of at least 30.  In fact  my go-to product  is exactly that– Aveeno Ultra- Calming Moisturizer ( SPF30).  This is what I successfully used  during the winter  in  my first  months on Retin A.

2.  Use a “rich”  sunscreen.  Many sunscreens are pleased to describe themselves as ‘oil-free’, ‘dry- touch’, or ‘non-greasy’.  This means they  won’t clog  pores, provoke breakouts or leave the skin with a shiny  surface –  all very good things.  But if  your sunscreen drags on your face  when its applied,  or your face face feels tighter after you  put it on, look for products that boast of their richness and/or avoid those with oil free type claims.  Dry sensitive skin definately needs this type of richer formulation.

Changing to a single product which works both as a moisturizer  AND sun block to both save  money and avoid the drawbacks of  layering.  If you have acne prone or sensitive skin I would  select a physical sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium oxide rather than a chemical sunscreen with ingredients like oxybenzone.  Chemical sunscreens   offer broad spectrum protection  but can be inflammatory for sensitive skin types.

Send  in your questions to  If I  don’t have the  answer I will find an expert that does.

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