Anti-Aging at Every Age

Recently I posted a comment about youthful anti-againg strategies on The Beauty Brains, a great truthful blog  that deals with beauty myths and misconseptions.  When I started  the  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog I thought that my experiences would be interesting to women over forty who were not liking what they saw in the mirror.  Over the past few months I was  surprised at the volume of emails and comments I’ve received  from teens and twenty-somethings who, like the writer  on Beauty Brains, wanted to know what they can do to prevent aging.   

Thinking about the best  approach to early anti-aging intervention, I realized that every decade offered new challenges and opportunities.  For the next  few weeks, Fridays and Saturdays will focus on anti-aging at every stage of life.  For example, teen bodies  are still growing, so real aging  is just not happening.  My biggest concern for high schoolers is the use of overly-rich products that will provoke acne  breakouts.  This is especially true of sunscreens and a top reason why teens avoid sunblocks.   That’s a real problem since youthful  sun damage  drives adult skin discoloation, enlarged pores and skin cancer.

This mini- series will look at what changes each decade brings, describe  an age -appropriate  no-nonsense skin care routine  and what special techniques ( ie  lasers, peels and fillers) work best at every age.  Tomorrow I will look at the three top age-blockers for teens and recommend key products and procedures. To help me get this right, I would love to hear from you

2 thoughts on “Anti-Aging at Every Age

  1. There are a few thing teens and early-twenities can/should do to stave off the inward and outward effects of premature ageing:
    Sensible food program
    Lifelong fitness program that fits your lifestyle and makes you happy (Dance, yoga, walking, biking – you can find something you love)
    Diligent, year-round use of sunscreen
    Antioxidents – orally and topically
    Look at your family’s health history and assess your areas of highest risk and focus on what you can do to minimize them.

    Most of all, do this for yourself – to remain vital and energetic to the last breath.

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