Trading Up My Retin A

I’ve noticed that my skin had become very comfortable with  my .o4% Retin A Micro– maybe too comfortable.  It didn’t sting when I applied it right after washing my face, and I didn’t  see as much of the the rosy glow. After seven months of almost daily use, it  was time to graduate to a stronger version.  Dr Marmur gave  me a script for .1% Retin-A cream.  This is considerably stronger not only in concentration but in formulation as well.  It is also considerably cheaper.

Since Retin-A is now off- patent and there are generic versions, the prices  are lower, even in a US pharmacy.  A standard tube of branded Retin A is $129 at my local  Duane Reade. At my online Canadian pharmacy, I have two choices:

1.  Generic Retin A, which is labeled Tretinion,  is about $43 for about 40 grams ( about 1.5  oz) and made in Canada.

2. Branded  Retin A, is about the same  price for  a few grams  more is $45 and  made in Barbados.  The name on the tube  is not  Retin A,  but something like Epidure. Its very common  for a product made in a different country to have a comepletely different name, but I don’t love it. 

The procedure is simple.  I need to fax the prescription to the pharmacy and give them my credit card number ( they don’t take American Express).  I should have my new anti-ager within two weeks.  I  am using which was great to work with when I ordered Tri-luma.  However in that case  I had to mail the prescription to them and the total process took more than a month. 

The savings on my new Retin A prescription are impressive.  Retin A Micro is about $300/tube.  Generic Retin A from Canada is about $43– more than 70% cheaper.  This is less than some  anti-aging  treatment products on drug store shelves!  I’m a little nervous both about using generic forms and using products made outside the US.  I would love to hear about others experience with generic Retin A.  Are these generics  less effective?  More irritating? 

If   I can  get these Retin A savings, I will still have enough  leftover for an end of the summer micro-dermabrasion.

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