Anti-Aging At Any Age: Twenty-Somethings

The twenties are  a time for truely beautiful skin.  Acne should  be under control and visable signs of  aging are years away.  All your skin is asking from you  is effective cleansing and aggressive sun protection.

The challenge is not screwing  it  up.  A good cleanser will take off  the top  layer of  stale oil and dry, dead skin cells,  but will not strip  the skin of moisture or leave a sticky film.  Bar soap for normal skin or rinseable cleansers are excellent choices.   During the day use an oil freee moisturizer with at least a 15SPF ( 30 would be ideal).  At bedtime, treat the skin with an alpha hydroxy acid, one of my all time favorite  beauty ingredients.

Alpha Hydroxy acids ( AHA’s)  are found naturally in  common foods including apples, tomatoes, sugar crane, lemons, wine, and apples. In fact women have been using AHA’s as beauty aids for centuries.  Cleopatra has been reported to bathe in milk to soften  desert-dry skin.  Women in 18thC France packed their faces with  mashed up grapes to soften and purify their skin. 

AHA’s  like glycolic  acid, are a baby-step Retin A.  They encourage healthy skin growth, lighten dark patches and help the skin hold moisture.  There are even  studies that suggest  AHA’s can stimulate production of strong healthy collgen.  And it does all these things without the dryness and irritation of Retin A.  In fact AHA’s are known to  produce a characterisitc gentle glow.   As the years pass, your skin will need the shock and awe of Retin A.  In the twenties, AHA’s will deliver the goods.

In addition to daily care,  dermatologists use  glycolic acid  for a gentle yet effective peel that leaves the skin soft and radiant.  You can also buy safe and affordable gycolic home peels that  give the twenty something  skin a lovely boost.  You can even make  AHA face masks from ingredients you probably  already have in your kitchen.

Tomorrow I will provide  AHA beauty product recipes  as well as recommend products and a daily care program that makes the most of twenty-something natural youthful beauty.

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