Anti-Aging Prevention Plan- The Twenties

For the twenties the key word ( or actually words)  to remember  is Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA’s.   Found naturally in  a number of  foods incuding milk, grapes and apples, the AHA’s   are a  twenty somethings best friend.  I like to see  them in cleansers, moisturizers, treatment products, eye creams, peels  and face masks.  This plan shows  how to use  them to enjoy  your youthful firm skin.

In the Morning:

* Wash your face with effective cleanser for your skin type.  If your skin tends to be dry use a moisturizing forumlation such as Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser with Soy.  There’s good science behind soy, indicating among other things  it  protects against sun damage– always a good thing.  If your skin tends to  be on the oily side  use an oi-free cleanser  such as  Deep Clean from  Neutrogena.  Wet your face with warm water  and rub a dab into your skin.  massage gently and rinse throughly with cool, not cold water.

* Protect your skin with an oil -free sunscreen/moisturizer such as  Oil- Free Moisture, SPF 15 ( Neutrogena). My first choice  would be a moisturizer  that also had AHA’s, but these can be hard to find. AHA’s  used to be  more popular, but now other ingredients such as green tea and vitamin C  have taken center stage  Too bad, but  you can make your own AHA skin care treatments.

Nighttime Care

* Remove eye-make-up  with oil-free  eye care cleanser such as  Almay Oil-Free Pads

* Cleanse face as you did in the morning

* Dry gently, and let  skin settle for about 30 minutes

* Apply a night treatment with a strong AHA such as Glycolic Acid 10% Moisturizer ( Peter Thomas Roth) or Glycolic Acid  10%Exfoliating Moisturizer (DDF). They are  both around $50 and you can find them at Sephora.  These are more expensive than my usual recommendations, but there are fewer anti-aging AHA’s on the shelves and the best  ones I  have found are more upscale.  Best  way to balance  the twety something  beauty budget?  Use an affodable cleanser like Cetaphil ($8).

*  Dot on AHA enriched eye cream to keep under eye area smooth and firm.  I recommend Healthy Skin Eye Cream with AHA ( Neutrogena)

Anti-Aging Add-Ons:

* Twice a week  add  one of these two steps to your nightly routine:

1. Instead of  your usual cleanser, use exfoliating grains  such as those from St Ives.

2. Apply a homemade  mask rich in AHA’s. Apply the mask to a clean, dry face, allow mask to dry and harden for 30 minutes, then rinse off with cool water

Mask for Normal-Oily Skin— Whip together one egg white and a tablespoon of white wine.  ( I call this  my Napa Valley Mask)

Mask for Dry Skin — Mix together  one tablespoon of applesause with an egg yolk.  ( I  never had a name for this one.  Any suggestions?)

High Tech Tools:

Cleansed and protected,  skin  in the twenties should look naturally radiant  and feel soft.  For an extra boost, one or twice a year you can  make an appointment for a glycolic peel from a dermatologist.  it is much stronger than those that you can make at home  or buy and is a wonderful option for a special day ( wedding? seeing your ex?  seeing  your ex who is now with someone else?)  Another option is micro-dermabrasion, a great choice if your skin tends  to be oily.

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