Did Tri-luma Work? Judge for Yourself

I have been using Tri-luma about 3X a week  since  the middle of May.  As you can see from the photos, there is a real difference in the before and after photos.  Before Tri- luma  I had  two types of shadows– greyish blue shadows  and reddish areas.

After  about a month I was really happy to see the greyish blue circles  had faded away and the  reddish tones  were  much lighter and easily hidden by a dab of concealer.  Then just  as  I was about to proudly take  some  “after” photos,  a bad allergy season hit  and the dark circles made an encore  appearance.   The allergy congestion caused the tiny blood vessels under the eyes to leak,  producing more  reddish- blue shadows.  After a trunkful   of allergy sprays, pills, and rinses, the allergies cleared up  along with the  dark undereye circles.I was about to  take some photos to secure my under eye circles bragging rights when the morning after  a ” wild”  book club I could see the reddish circles were back.  –more leakage from tiny under-eye blood vessels.

With the allergies under control and no more book club meetings until the fall, my undereye circles stayed away long enough to take this after photo. So what did I learn?  I can see  certain improvement after  four weeks on Tri-luma — the trick is holding on to these improvements.

I suspect that the  greyish bluish circles were  melanin deposits.  Tri-luma breaks down and prevents new melanin formation.  I helped things along there by  diligently applying an  eye area  concealer with 25SPF to discourage sun-induced  melanin.  The reddish blue areas were signs of leakage from tiny bloodvessels in the area. While Tri-luma did seem to breakdown the hemoglobin causing the discoloration, the underlying conditions which caused the problems, were not always under my control.  Allergies, alcohol, stress, and even chinese food and the reddish circles came back. 

Fillers like Juvederm  can be injected into my under eye areas to both fill in the hollows and create a barrier between blood vessels and the paper thin under eye skin.  This means the leakage from tiny vessels will  just not be visable.   I’m not sure I’m going to take this step, but its nice to know the option  is there.

I’m planning to keep using Tri-luma 2- 3X a week to keep shadows at bay.  According to package guidelines, Tri-luma is not a maintenance  product like Retin A.  I’d like  to keep using it,  but I need to OK this with my dermatologist. 

 Tri-luma worked   nicely for me, but it may not be for eyeryone.  In some people, there can be a darkening of the  skin, the opposite of what you’re  looking for.  If you use Tri-luma under doctor’s supervision, you’ll be fine.  Since its available only by prescription, you really don’t have much choice.

I’d really like to hear about your experience with Tri-luma  Did  it work?  How long did you use it?

6 thoughts on “Did Tri-luma Work? Judge for Yourself

  1. Wow, Deb, you look great! I’m considering talking to a dermatologist about tri-luma. My mom has had great success with it also. thanks!

  2. I just started using this product and although I hear great things about it…my skin just does not do well with it. I have melasma on my upper lip and around my mouth. I have used it twice a day for 5 days now and my skin is itchy, its painful to open my mouth wide, it may be helping with the dark area but its hard to tell over the red irritated part. I have been reading to stop using if this occurs so now i am putting coconut oil on to keep it moist and less irritated.

    • Stop using Triluma immediately and call the doctor who prescribed it for you. This type of irritatio can actually increase melasma. Please let me know how you are doing.

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