Anti-Aging At Any Age — The Fabulous Forties

Right now on the newstand the models on the cover of three top magazines are over 40– Julia Roberts  in Elle and the two Jennifers, Aniston and Lopez, in Glamour and Bazaar. Its not just that these women look great  for 40.  Ladies,  this is what 40  can look like today.

And this is true despite the fact that 40’s  are the start of true aging.  Up to this time,  beauty problems were  pseudo-aging from external  factors such as  sun exposure, cigarettes, alcohol use, stress and diet.  Now there is internal aging that affects how we look.  Our skin is getting drier and losing the ability to hold onto moisture. Fat pads under the eyes are shrinking which can increase under-eye shadows.  As the circulation starts to slow down, there is a decline in natural radiance.  Smile lines  appear when you are not smiling and squint lines frame the eye when its not sunny.

Stress seems to play a big role in aging in the fabulous forties.  Problems in a marriage, children, aging parents, a mid-life career crisis, and even real health issues are part of  the forties  landscape.  Its not uncommon to  look in the mirror and literally  feel older overnight.

Now is the time to introduce your skin to Retin A.  Start slowly with  a gentle formulation like .o4% Retin A  Micro and work up to using it 3x/ a week at bedtime.     The other four nights use a moisturizer with soy, green tea or peptides. As effective as they are,  AHA’s and vitamin C  may be too irritating  in the first six months on Retin A.

Prescription retinoids restore radiance and healthy pink color. Different types of lasers will  make quick work  of other sudden signs of aging.  I used a YAG laser to vaporize large freckles and the IPL  ‘lunchtime laser”  to clear up dark patches and enlarged pores. Fraxel is among the newest lasers which has a big impact with a short healing time. The goal here is to mop up signs of aging that have appeared as well as prevent further problems.   According to noted derm, Dr Neil Sadick, Fraxel lasers   reduce  the appearance of fine  lines,  age spots and best yet, stimulates new  flexible collagen. This slows down the appearance of  sagging and wrinkling.  Nice!  Fraxel laser treatment is  near the top of  my anti-aging to-do list and I’ll post my experiences.

Sun protection continues to be important.  Try to routinely use  a broadspectrum 30-50 SPF sunblock.  If you are having  laser treatments, you need to switch to a mild  physical sunscreen  with zinc oxide like Neutrogena for Sensitive Skin SPF 30. Lasers also require stopping Retin A  days before and 3 days after  the treatment.

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