Free Anti-Aging UV Wristbands

I’ve been having  a great time posting my anti-aging  journey  and reading your comments  at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  To thank you for all your enthusiasm and support, I want to send out free samples  of  one of my favorite new beauty tools-  a UV Sunsense wristband,  to my subscribers.  I blogged about these  in  July and used them   all summer to  measure how  much sun I am getting and  how well  a sunscreen  is working.  To get a UVwristband band,  just email me  your  full name and address at and I will get  this age  proofing band to you in time for the last  beach days of summer.   New subscribers  are also wecome! 

I’m really looking forward to hearing  how the wristband worked for you.  Did your  regular sunscreen deliver as promised?  Were you surprised how much sun exposure  you  got in your own home?  I really  love these bracelets and I credit them for my first sunburn-free summer.

4 thoughts on “Free Anti-Aging UV Wristbands

  1. Hmm just tried to email you with my name and address for the wrist band. and the email doesn’t go through.
    The domain name is not found.. according to Gmail

    I’d love a wrist band!
    Let me know how to reach you.. unless you are overwhelmed with other people already.


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