The Anti-Aging Tan, part 2

In the hours after my spray tan was applied,  the color gradually darkened.  As per instructions,before going to sleep ,  I took a shower with cool water  but did not use soap or washcloth.  I  was a little worried  when I saw the water in  my shower  had turned brown as it ran down the drain.  But when I looked in the mirror, I was still beautifully tan.  Over the next few days,  I nursed the tan along with plenty of moisturizer on my  arms and legs. 

I really enjoyed this  look.  My clothes looked better and I felt  I looked  younger and healthier.  After four days, the bronze color  remained on my body, but had  pretty much faded on my face.  Since my neck was still tan  I evened-up the color with a healthy dusting of bronzer.   When my air-brush tan fades and starts to look uneve, I will help it along with an exfoliating scrub.  I have a friend who is a stripper  and she swears by salt scrubs to smooth and polish the skin.  Have you ever tried this?  Is it good?  Gross?

Spray-on tans ( aka air brush tans)  turned out to be one of those small steps  with big results.  I wish I  had the courage to try it years ago.  I’m going to go use it again, not all the time, but for occasions  when I need to look (and feel) amazing– like weddings, reunions or before a beach vacation.  I think it could also be a big mood-lifter  in the dead of  winter when I look so pale  my Mom keeps asking me  how I feel.   I can also see how people can become “addicted” to these things.  After  buying  so many products with big promises  that don’t do anything, it is exhilerating to find something that makes a visable difference.  Do you use spray tans? Have you had any problems?

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