Moisturizers CAN Prevent Lines and Wrinkles

Most doctors dismiss  the idea that moisturizers can prevent signs of aging–  and I believed them. But now new research may change their minds– and mine.  A new study  just published in the prestigious British Journal of Dermatology suggests that untreated dry skin does indeed lead to lines and wrinkles.  Even more interesting, the study found that consistant  use of moisturizers clearly prevented the development  of permanent wrinkling.

Here’s how it works:  Wrinkles develop overtime due to  repeated sun damage, hormonal changes and  repeated useage from facial expressions.  Every time we laugh, eat, shout, smile, talk or squint,  we  are straining the elastin and collagen fibers in the skin.  As the good ( and bad) times  go by, the skin gets quite a workout and temporary expressions become permanently etched in our faces.   Not to worry!  This new study  suggests that regular useage of moisturizers ” plasticize” the skin.  ( Their word, not mine) . This means that moisturizers, by keeping  the skin soft,  can help the skin resist mechanical damage.  In short,  moisturized skin resists  permanent creases from  temporary and repeated expressions.

So what’s  our take away here?  Very simply we should  start using moisturizers early and continue  using them faithfully.  But its  important   to pick a  product that  meets your needs.  If you skin tends  to break out, use an oil-freee formulation. During the day,  I’m a BIG fan of moisturizers with sunscreens.  At night use a moisturizer alone or over a treatment product like Retin A.  Turbo-powered anti-aging  ingredients  like alpha-hydroxy acids, soy extract, or green tea  will create a value-added moisturizer.  But whatever moisturizer you choose,  just use it regularly.

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