How Long Can I Stay on Tri-Luma?

I’ve  had good results with Tri-luma.  The blue /black shadows  are pretty much gone, and the reddish blue areas are much much lighter.  However, the latter, which  are caused by leaking of the tiny under eye blood vessels, tend to reappear  with   things like allergies, jet lag and and, no kidding, chinese food. This week, I got an industrial strength migraine headache, and the next morning, the reddish shadows made a return appearance.  Not as pronounced as  before Tri-luma,  but the area certainly looked more shadowy today.  Do I  reach for my trusty Tri-luma.  Not so fast. I have been using Tri-luma off and on since March.  Label instructions advise against using it longer than three consecutive months.   Dr Marmur was pleased that  it worked, but  told me to try to take a three month break before using it again.  She knows that I like to  work on these shadows, but Tri-luma  can’t really be used as a maintenance … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Aging Plan- The Thirties

This is the time to explore gentle anti-aging options.  Use the daytime  to apply  an elegant sunscreen.  At night take the opportunity to rotate treatment with different anti agers  that  include  peptides, soy, retinols and vitamin C.

In the Morning:

* Wash your face with an effective cleanser that works with your skin type.  If your skin tends to be dry, look for  a product like Cereve Hydrating Cleanser.  Normal  or oily skins will respond well to Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bars.

* Rinse face throughly with three to four  handfuls of lukewarm water.

* Protect your skin with a broadspectrum oil-free suncreen.  In the summer do a full court press SPF 70 like Aveeno Positively Ageless Sun Block with Enviroblock. Awesome!  In less sunny seasons, you can dial  back  the  SPF and use  Aveeno Positively Radiant Triple Boosting  Serum SPF30. ( and its got soy!)

* Dab on under-eye concealer that fortified with sunscree  such … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging at Any Age – The Thirties

This is the time the rubber hits the road.  Your body is still pumping out enough hormones to keep  the skin firm and soft.   But unless you’re in the habit of wearing a burkka,  your complexion  will be showing a few signs of environmental aging.  If your idea of a perfect  day is long, hot and sun-soaked,  odds are you are going  to have more than a few signs  of  external aging.  Seemingly overnight, you will  see larger than average freckles and raised brown spots.  If you live in sunny states, crows feet appear from   years of squinting in constant bright sunlight. 

 Depending on genetics and lifestyle ( alcohol, cigarettes and stress), under eye shadows can develop and  the skin looks dull and tired.  This isn’t nearly as depressing as it sounds.  Remember signs of ‘aging”  in the thirties  are  actually pseudo aging and can be easily  ( and affordably) erased. The first step is a … Continue Reading…

The Price of Beauty- Retin A Choices

 I have done due diligence with my new .1% Retin A prescription and here are my choices:

1.  Fill the prescription  with the brand name Retin A at my local CVS–$202 ( Less than the $300 Retin  A Micro price tab, but still painful)

2.  Fill the prescription with generic  Retin A ( tretinoin) at my local CVS– $119 ( Better)

3.  Order   generic Retin A (tretinoin) from a Canadian pharmacy made in  Canada — $44 ( Best)

I’m a little nervous, but the significant  price difference  makes ordering online certainly worth trying.  I  was  happy with the Tri-luma I ordered online but that was the brand name product made in the US.  Here I am dealing with a generic product  made in Canada.   Before I send in my order I wonder anyone  had a bad  ( or good) experience with generic Retin A  bought here or ordered from a Canadian pharmacy. I would love to hear  … Continue Reading…

Did Tri-luma Work? Judge for Yourself

I have been using Tri-luma about 3X a week  since  the middle of May.  As you can see from the photos, there is a real difference in the before and after photos.  Before Tri- luma  I had  two types of shadows– greyish blue shadows  and reddish areas.

After  about a month I was really happy to see the greyish blue circles  had faded away and the  reddish tones  were  much lighter and easily hidden by a dab of concealer.  Then just  as  I was about to proudly take  some  “after” photos,  a bad allergy season hit  and the dark circles made an encore  appearance.   The allergy congestion caused the tiny blood vessels under the eyes to leak,  producing more  reddish- blue shadows.  After a trunkful   of allergy sprays, pills, and rinses, the … Continue Reading…