Moving Up to Big Girl Retin A

My  new  Retin A prescription (.1%) arrived this week and I am getting things in order to try it out.  I have my mild Cetaphil cleanser, Aveeno Ultra Calming Sunscreen for daytime and Fresh soy enriched moisturizer at night.  I’m a little anxious since  this is the first time  I have used a generic product from Canada but the cost saving were irrisistable.  My Retin A from the north  was $44 including shipping.  At my local CVS, brand name Retin A was almost $200.    I have big plans for that $150 difference.

I am  also doing a little experiment. Today, celebrity dermatologist Dr Neil Saddick  is examining my face with a Wood’s lamp which will highlight  the areas of  sun damaged skin.  I will  use my new big  girl Retin A and in a month, plan to  check the progress  with the Wood’s lamp again. When I first started to use Retin A, I could see   real changes in the mirror.  Now I want to see if there are genuine organic changes in the skin.  I will post these photos so that we  can all see.  

My new prescription is not only higher in concentration, it is stronger in formulation.  I’m a little concerned about irritation and flaking and  still looking for a heavy duty nighttime moisturizer.  Any recommendations?

7 thoughts on “Moving Up to Big Girl Retin A

  1. I’d love that moisturizer recommendation, too. I use Retin-A at .25 strength and my face flakes and peels like crazy. I’ve been using Merle Norman’s Super Lube, which has a Vaseline-like texture, but it’s clogging my pores.

  2. Andy, your suport and enthusiasm make it fun to go where my skin has not been before

    Lisa, I have been happy with CereVe PM which has ceramides, hyaluronic acid and doesn’t clog my pores– but I don’t know if its strong enough for .1% Retin A. Another tip that Dr Ellen gave me was to just put on a super greasy moisturizer for 20 minutes, then wash it off. This also relieved the worst of the flaking and did not provoke break-outs. Did you ever try that technique?

  3. Hey, have been looking for opinions of people who have tried this out first hand, and after hunting through bing, I stumbled upon your write up, and it islovely blog. Too bad I took this long getting to read your article. Saved you in my bookmarks already. Shall come back pretty soon. Keep on writing your blog will get really popular.

  4. Thanks for the mention of the CereVe PM; I’ve used their body moisturizer with great results and didn’t know they made a version for the face. Was happy to discover some at my local Walgreen’s and have been using it for several nights. Haven’t tried the application of the extra greasy moisturizer but I’m going to give it a shot.

  5. What website did you get the RetinA from? I’ve been trying to get it discounted for ages, and alas the internet is a dangerous place to shop for prescriptions.

    (Also, kudos on the blog, I’ve been reading your back posts and am learning loads!)

    • I had the same anxieties about buying online, but a number of Canadian online pharmacies are very reputable. I use Canada Thev have great customer service and their phone operators are knowledgeable and helpful. For example they gave me a choice of origin and brand for my Retin A. You can only order their products with a doctor’s prescription. I bought both my Tri-luma ($160) and generic Retin A ($44) from them and have been happy with both products. THere are certainly a lot of strange places on the internet offering drugs without a prescription and I too would never use them. Let me know what you decide to do.

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