A Younger Smile In One Hour

When it comes to beauty projects, not only do I need to be able to see results, I need the results to be discernable to to others.  And  Zoom did both.  My  teeth  were brighter and whiter both in person and in photos.  In the photo  on the left, my teeth before  treatment.  On the right, my teeth after Zoom. 

To keep it up, my teeth need to be cleaned  at least twice a year and I have to  use the bleaching tray at least once a week.  Since my bottom teeth tend to become darker than my top, ( its not uncommon) the Zoom technician suggested that after the first hour with both trays, I then  refill the bottom tray and keep that on for another hour.  Great tip!

The Zoom lightening process runs about $900  and the bleach for the trays  is $20 for about 15 treatments.   It works best on teeth that are yellowed or have brown areas.  It is not so successful  in lightening greyish/blue discoloration from injury or tetracycline.  Zoom also cannot be used to lighten  teeth that  have caps, laminates or veneers.  These surfaces  will not lighten to the same color as the natural teeth and can leave you with a mouth  of multi-colored choppers. As happy as I am with my tooth  lightening, I am still curious about other methods.  Has anyone tried Go-Smile?  Other laser lighteners? 

A stylist friend told me that tooth whitening is one of the four beauty essentials that celebs  use to get ready for the red carpet.    On Wednesday, I  will post  her Red Carpet Regimen.  While the four step regimen works for  women ( and men) of any age, it really delivers   when the last  time you saw forty was  on a speedometer.

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