The Red Carpet Routinue

Its award season in Hollywood and every week there seems to be an endless parade of perfect people on the red carpet.  While its certainly true that many  of these celebs are winners of the lucky gene pool– and they have a pit crew of people to work on their hair, make-up and gowns.  But according to my actress friend and her stylist, red carpet perfection rests on four easy, quick and  best of all, affordable steps.  And I found it really cool that three of the four were steps  I had  already tried out in my anti-aging  journey. 

Total costs for the home grown Red Carpet Routine is about $100 in NYC– and probably less in other parts of the country.  And you don’t have to save it just for weddings and Bar- Mitzahs.  These four steps  are a great prep for  a  job interview, first  date, blind  date, high school school reunion or  even when you  just feel like looking gorgeous. 

The Red Carpet Routinue:

1.  Air-Brush Tan—  the road to perfection starts with a very light spray tan.  Its like a perfect make-up for the whole body.  It creates an even glowing skin tone that hides flaws, fine lines, dark circles  and even makes  you look thinner and firmer. Its the secret behind creamy, perfect arms and shoulders in a strapless dress  If you don’t belive  me I have just one  word– Kardashian.  The light tan should be applied the  the morning of the day before the event. Cost: $60

Blown-out Hair:  Even if you have short hair, a trip to a salon for a professional blow-out will give you  an essential polish.  A good blow out will make your  hair look full, smooth and shiny.  I am addicted to this step and my friends tease me that every time they call I am on my  way to get my hair blown out.  A great tip I learned from a soap star that I  interviewed for my book on accessories- don’t use products before the blow-out.  It makes the hair too soft and the style goes  flat by the next day.  Cost: $30

Whiten Teeth: The gleaming white smiles on the red carpet  are the happy results of intensive tooth whitening.   If you’ve had professional tooth whitening, use the bleaching tray on the day of the event.  If you have not taken the BIG step yet, use the strongest whitening strips you can find for 2 weeks  before a special day or event. C0st:  from $2-$15 depending  on your method.

Manicure:  A fresh manicure is the perfect finish,  and you  no longer need to have long perfect nails to justify a manicure. Short pale polished nails  are more youthful and just as elegant.  If you bite your nails  down to the nub, think about acrylic tips for graceful grown-ups hands.  Cost:  $12 for basic manicure

Red Carpet Timetable:

Day before the event– Airbrush tan ( one hour)

Day of the event —  Blow-out hair ( on hour);

                                        Bleach teeth ( one hour),

                                         Manicure (one hour)

The main goal of the N0-Nonsense Beauty Blog has been to explore ways to look younger and prettier and the Red Carpet Routinue certainly does that.  But  as you can see from the celebs on the red carpet, it works for any age. 

Total Cost: About $100; Boost in Self-Confidence: Priceless!

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