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Sometimes an airbrush tan is too much for  special event.  Out of season, a sunny glow may seem out of place, especially if they saw you the day before  without one.  If you’re not showing a lot of skin, it  may not  be as appealing  or worth the time  and money.  And if you’re in  wedding party ( the bride or her  attendants) a tan can photograph as sweaty and shiny.  Not good.

To still get a dewy ” red carpet” complexion, my stylist friend swears by  a mild, store bought glycolic peel .  It takes about 3 minutes and leaves your skin rosy and poreless for hours. I love the peels that come in individually saturated two step pads.  The first  pad has the glycolic acid and the second has the neutralizer.  The pads are a perfect form of portion control.  You don’t get too much acid  that could burn or too little that won’t do a thing. Patricia Wexler, Dr Denise and Kate Sommerville all make affordable and excellent glycolic peel packs.  Look for them at  Bed Bath and Beyond and Sephora.

Glycolic acid is a type of   alpha hydroxy acid, (AHA) that is made from sugar cane.  Used as part of a daily beauty routinue it has been shown  to have anti-aging powers to  increase circulation and stimulate production of collagen and elastin– sort of Retin A light.  When used as a peel, it removes top dead dry surface skin cells , leaving the skin soft and clear.  However it cannot be used close to the eyes, and  does not help under eye  dark  shadows,  A spray-on  tan does hide these bad boys, which  is one reason it makes  you look younger and more rested.  When you do use a glycolic  peel for a big event, you could use Triluma  for several weeks or  hide the dark circles with concealer.

I would not recommend using a professional glycolic peel on the day of an event.  While I love these procedures,  a full service peel  may leave your skin  pretty red and raw for  24 hours– not the look you are aiming at for a big night.  Stick to the home version for a risk free party glow.  Home peels are also one of the great beauty bargins– a package of  30 peels is  about $45, which turns out to be $1.50/peel.   When you use it as  part of a “red carpet” routinue– hair blow-out, tooth whitening, and a mani,  your prep cost drops to $41.50.  Nice.

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  1. Thanks for your post. I haven’t tried any of the low-level OTC peeling products; I guess I just went straight for the big guns. I had persistent acne, and I started doing 35% glycolic peels once a week at home. My acne completely went away! I’ve been keeping a photo diary at – Thanks, Kim

  2. After having spent $150 a pop for glycolic peels at a doctor’s office, I decided to try Made from Earth’s Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub.

    Two weeks prior to my office peels, the aesthetician instructed me to use a glycolic face wash (Made from Earth brand, the best!) for two weeks prior in order to get my skin prepped and used to the lower level of glycolic acid.

    I left on the Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub for only 3 minutes, and when I splashed my face off with the sinkful of water, I could feel that this was a deeper peel than I had received at the doctors’.

    The next day, I could see that my skin looked better, but was tight and dry. Very happy with the results! Also, I barely put a dent in the bottle; for under $30, I will be saving well over $1,000 in doctor’s office peels.

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