Younger Looking Hands, Part 2

When it comes to lasers, by this time I know the drill.  If I had been using Retin A or Triluma on my hands, I would have had to stop 2-3 days earlier.  One hour before the treatment I dabbed on a numbing cream made with lidocaine. ( Its available only with a prescription).  Dr Marmur slipped on a pair of  red goggles, gave me  a pair to put on  and aimed a YAG laser at the top of my hands. I hardly felt a thing.  I’ve got a pretty low tolorance to pain, so if I say somethings doen’t hurt, trust me, it doesn’t hurt.

As I sat  in the treatment chair, the spots turned white and crusty.  Dr  Marmur gave me  tubes of Aquaphot to put on the fried spots and  a packet of  large, self adhesive  bandaids to  cover the tops of the hands.  By the time I was at the elevator the lasered skin started to feel raw and burned.  I looked forward  to putting on a soothing swipe of Aquaphor gel.   As soon as I  treated the spots and topped them with the Telfa bandage, the discomfort disappeared.

I  had forgotten that I had agreed to go to a cocktail reception that night.  Too bad little white gloves are out of fashion.  I pulled the sleeves of my sweater over my knuckles  and off I went.  Nobody commented on  my hands, but covering my hands with a sweater certainly slowed  my nibbling at the buffet– which was probably not such a bad thing.

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