Anti-Aging Hands, part 3

The day fter the laserering of my hands, the spots feel totally healed.  They still look pretty red, but  they are not at all painful.  Rather than cover them  up with the dressings Dr M gave me, I decided to  use the same concealer that worked so well when I  lasered the age spots on my face– and off I  went for the day.

The no- bandaid decision was probably not my best idea.  The concealer quickly wore off and I realized that my raw laser treated hands  were getting way to much exposure to UV rays.  I ducked into Hampton Chutney, an UWS restaurant for lunch and was halfway thru my sandwich and perfect Indian ice coffee when  a preganat woman stopped by my table.

“Excuse me, but this is the only empty table ” she said hesitantly, gesturing to the table next  to me. ”  And well, I am wondering, are your contagious ?”  she stammered  pointing  in the  direction of my red spotted hands.”

“No, I’m not contagious, just vain”  I tried to explain.  She looked unconvinced as  she kept scannning the room for another table.  Fortunately for the both of  us, a table opend up across the room, and she hustled to claim it.

My red spots continued to attract unwanted attention.  On line at Zabar’s, the iconic  food store, a man with a Yankee cap asked “are those  bed bug bites?” I gave up and headed to the closest pharmacy to buy the biggest bandaids I could find.  Tomorrow I am going to start out the day with a dressing covering the spots.  When they are no longer so much attention getting, I am going to protect them  with a physical sunblock like  Neutrogena for Sensitive Skin Sunscreen.  It is free from all chemical sunscreens which can be irritating to laser treated skin– and  gets it sunblocking abilities from zinc oxide.  Skin treated with lasers  is especially vulnerable to UV damage and I’ve worked hard to make my hands young and smooth.  Skin treated with Retin A or Tri-luma  also has increased sun sensitivity -especially  when you just start  using them-  and might be happier with a physical, rather than chemical sunscreen.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Hands, part 3

  1. Awfully opinionated people out there. Thanks I need something safe to cover up a burn from the stove – if I go out like this someone might think I have Leprosy.

  2. Good luck! Thanks for sharing the pic. I got the same response when I did TCA peel on my hands! I was lucky to get a break from Mother Nature, and the weather turned cold, so I was able to wear longer-sleeved shirts to cover my hands…quick fix. You can see the progress of TCA on my hands at – I’m still working on a few spots, but they look much better. I’m not just doing spot treatments of 50% TCA on the remaining spots, and they’re so much less noticeable.

  3. Yes, just my luck that I did my hands just as New York had an after summer heat wave. This week I am at an international beauty conference, and I get quite a few stares and questions. Looking forward to checking out your chemical peel site.

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