Using Facial Imaging to Identify Skin Aging

This photo  shows the areas of sun damage via  theCanfield Imaging System. ( And I’m so glad that this is not a dating site).  On the left is a standard  photo and my skin looks fairly even in color.  On the right its a different story.  The brown spots are areas of hyperpigmentation– too much melanin from sun exposure.  What I find really interesting  are the light areas under the nose and around the eyebrows which are areas  where there is loss of pigmentation  Apparently UV rays can destroy cells ability to make any pigment.  Its not really visable to the naked eye, but it causes the skin to look dull and tired.  I was amused that the special cameras picked up the loss of pigment  areound the hair line– otherwise known as grey hair.

Next step will be to try out different remedies and then retake the facial imaging.  I asm really psyched to try out another three months with Tri-luma for under eye circles.  I also will be using my new  turbo powered Retin A  which according to research should be effective on these damaged areas. Sun-damaged areas are not only a cosmetic problem– they can also develop into skin cancers.  Getting rid of them is actually good preventive medicine. 

This imaging system is available  with dermatologists and spas  across the US.  If you want to try it out, send me your zip code, and I will find the nearest one to you.  And no, you don’t have to post the not terribly flattering photo.

5 thoughts on “Using Facial Imaging to Identify Skin Aging

  1. I just had my face looked at under one of those light boxes and it was fascinating and depressing to see all the damage I have done to myself!
    I’m looking into having Fraxel done, have you written on that yet?

  2. I have not written on Fraxel yet, but it is certainly something I am considering. I had IPL which is a milder form of resurfacing to get rid of uneven pigmentation. It alo slightly tightens the skin. I loved the results and I posted before and afters on the blog. If you do Fraxel, make an appointment for a Friday– then you have the weekend for your skin to recover. In fact one dermatologist called that day of the week ” Fraxel Friday”

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