Anti-Aging Cream– A Risk for Breast Cancer?

As I’m sure your know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  And  given this current focus, I think its the right time to raise  concerns  about a popular underground beauty treatment that going around on the internet.

Reading other beauty and lifestyle blogs, I’ve come across posts  recommending  the use of estrogen based vaginal creams  to deal with facial aging.   Its actually not a new idea.  Decades ago, research  showed that estrogen creams encouraged the growth of collagen, relieved dryness and  lessened lines and wrinkles.    For a while estrogen creams were even available without prescription on drug and department store shelves.

Then  the research took a troubling turn when  estrogens were  linked to increased risk of breast cancer– and the hormones were quicky removed  from beauty aids for more than 25 years.   Today estrogen creams are  making an unwise comeback as  some women are using  vaginal estrogen creams  as wrinkle fighters.  In healthcare, this is known as  “off label use”   a term often used in malpractice suits.

While estrogen creams  may smooth and tighten the skin, the concerns of breast cancer  should put it in the never use category.  The current wisdom about the estrogen /breast cancer link even includes concerns about weak estrogen like substances   including paraben preservatives and soy– much less a cream that includes actual estrogen.

There are many so much safer age fighters including Retin A , Tri-luma, alpha hydroxy acids, IPL and lasers  that estrogen creams should not be  even a blip on your beauty radar.

9 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Cream– A Risk for Breast Cancer?

  1. Thanks for the post. I read that if you use progesterone cream, perhaps on your stomach or inner-thighs, the risk of cancer is eliminated when you use estrogen cream on the face.

    An important fact: When estrogen was linked to increased breast cancer, doctors were not prescribing progesterone along with it, which opposes the estrogen. Today’s hormone replacement therapy (HRT) includes estrogen + progesterone.

    • There is still tremendous concern about the link between current hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer risk. Today JAMA published a large, long term study that showed that not only is there an increased risk of breast cancer with HRT, it also increases breast cancer fatalities. And it doesn’t matter where you apply the cream– it fact applying it both to your face and body actually increases the amount of hormone you are absorbing– not a good thing. THere are so many other good and safe anti-aging options, it makes no sense to use one with a health risk.

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