TLC for My Neck

I don’t hate my  neck– I  just would be happier if  it looked fresher and smoother.  I had been using my DDF hand held exfoliator on my face with good results and wonderered what it would do for my neck? After all,  its  made of skin,  like  my face. Using the foam sponge with the Polishing Crystals gel, I worked it around my neck for one minute.  It gave me  a warming sensation that was stronger than I felt  when used on my cheeks.

When I rinsed off the remainder of the polishing gel, I was delighted to see that my neck looked pinker, fresher and the lines  less obvious.  Even the dreaded “chicken skin” bumps were softened.  Clearly the exfoliator had removed the dry, dead, skin cells  to reveal a healthier and fresher complexion. 

The changes  weren’t permanent and I need to exfoliate my neck my neck on a regular basis.  I  found that 2x a week was the absolute max that this thin delicate skin could tolorate– and could not use RetinA on the area for 24 hours.  Its not a perfect fix, but  it so nice to have a simple and affordable alternative to turtlenecks.








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    • I’d be happy to. Its a micro polishing system called Revolve 400X by DDF ( Doctors Dermatologic Formula). Its a great tool for home microdermabrasion and deep cleaning. Its about $90 for the kit. It comes with great cleanser and you can buy refills. I’ve had mine for 18 months and its still going strong. You can buy online from DDF. If you buy it from Sephora online there is no charge for shipping.

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