Is Water the Secret to Beautiful Skin?

Its hard to pick up a newpaper or magazine without reading of another celebrity  who credits her  good looks to-wait for it- drinking  plenty of water.  For example Kim Kardashian   has admitted to  extensive laser hair removal (” hey, I’m Armeanian”) and  posted  photos of her post- Botox bruises.  Yet in an interview she credits her luminous skin and incredible body  to drinking water.

Now I have nothing against water but its not the fountain  of youth.  I drink it every day and in fact I  especially like Poland Spring water  which is from a real  spring and not  just filtered  reservoir water.  And I can understand that iconic beauties don’t want to reveal their use of Botox, fillers, lasers or even IPL.  But … Continue Reading…

Using Facial Imaging to Identify Skin Aging

This photo  shows the areas of sun damage via  theCanfield Imaging System. ( And I’m so glad that this is not a dating site).  On the left is a standard  photo and my skin looks fairly even in color.  On the right its a different story.  The brown spots are areas of hyperpigmentation– too much melanin from sun exposure.  What I find really interesting  are the light areas under the nose and around the eyebrows which are areas  where there is loss of pigmentation  Apparently UV rays can destroy cells ability to make any pigment.  Its not really visable to the naked eye, but it causes the skin to look dull and tired.  I was amused that the special cameras picked up the loss of pigment  areound the … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Beauty Care– The Truth is Out There

I recently spent two incredible days at a joint conference of the  Health and Beauty Association (HBA) Expo and the 2010 Spa and Resort Medical Aesthetics Conference at the Javits Center in New York.  I’ve been to  many academic programs/ trade shows, and have often been disapointed, but this one really delivered information I could use.

The educational sesions gave me cutting edge developments in anti-aging skin care, all backed up  with first class research including:

* Why women of color  should not use IPL

* How to use cosmetotextiles to firm and smooth your skin

* Which anti-oxidents really deliver for your skin

* What to look for in a peptide  anti-aging  moisturizer

The exhibit section was equally interesting, showing home LED tooth whitening, Clarisonic opal eye roller, and  the Canfield facial imaging system … Continue Reading…

Valued Added Anti-Aging Hand Care

Ten days after getting zapped with a laser, my hands are getting gorgeous.  Not only are the brown spots gone, I’d forgotten  that lasers also tighten  the skin.  On my hands that  means  less lines and wrinkles.    I really love that this  procedure has  double duty benefits and I enjoy seeing  my smoother hands free of age spots.  Now they match my plans for the future. 

During the day I used  Neutrogena Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin 30 SPF ( with zinc oxide) while the spots were healing.  Now they are just a little  pink, I switched to Aveeno Continuous Protection 100 SPF  which  has both chemical and physical sunscreens.   I never thought of using sunscreen on my hands  and they looked it.  Now protecting my hands will be part of my … Continue Reading…

Reversing Summer Aging– The Plan Begins

As I  progress in this anti-aging journey, I’ve discovered two things about myself:(1)  I really want to look good; (2) I want to look good really  FAST.  The little home  DDF Revolve Exfoliator  delivered on both accounts.  My skin looked fresher and healthier and it took only one minute.

The small hand held Revolve 400X is ultra easy to use.  It comes with two types of heads– a brush for deep cleansing and a sponge that’s used with a gritty gel.   The instructions are short and simple.  Squeeze out 1/2 teaspoon of the gel onto the sponge head.   Wash face as usual but don’t dry.   Push the grey button and press the vibrating sponge agaist your face for one minute.  I also aimed the exfoliator at my neck to tackle  that dull, bumpy skin.  Then I rinsed off my face throughly  to remove the gritty bits.

The difference was clear … Continue Reading…